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cpfbride Posts: 215
I am getting married in 2 months and as I do get anxious under pressure normally, it's no shock I'm finding the countdown to the wedding stressful. I have been a bridesmaid before and I remember the bride talking about her wedding all the time, not just in the run up to the wedding but for 12 months before hand.... Now when I talk about my wedding, my bridesmaid dismisses my concerns and tells me not to stress. This is the answer to anything I talk about. I'm fit to explode at this stage as I entertained/helped with/solved any concern or comment she had. So yes, I will talk about my wedding and would appreciate to be let rant/chat just a bit. Why is so wrong with this?? It's really upsetting me....
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Tell her how you feel. If you need to vent then she is a good person to do it to, maybe she doesn't realise that she is doing this? Best of luck with the preparations!
allieb21 Posts: 247
OP I completely see your side! I have had the same thing aswell and it really annoys me when I'm told not to stress! It's the most important day of mine and OH life so far and I want things to go to plan. When something doesn't work out I want to have a rant and not be told to calm down !!! TBH I just try not to talk about any of my stresses now with people other than my OH! O:|
cpfbride Posts: 215
Thanks for the replies ladies...that's exactly how in feeling. I would just like to chat about things when I need a little rant without been made out to be unstable.... I'm allowed be stressed on the odd occasion, it's our wedding after all.... No more wedding talk with anyone but my OH is a good idea I think.... Thanks for understanding ladies x
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I hear you cpfbride, that's why I am on WOL so much - somewhere to vent, obsess over minor details & ask all the daft questions you like. I think my friends would have lost interest in the conversation a long time ago!
MrQ Posts: 1085
I'm a guy. I'm not allowed talk about The Wedding. I'm not allowed be involved with it as far as everybody else is concerned. I can't ask suppliers about it without being asked where the bride is or what her opinion is. I'm not allowed talk about it with my friends because they are mens men so don't give a sh*te. I'm not allowed mention anything in front of women/family/in laws because they say "What do you care, XX will be looking after everything". I can only read comments on WOL and and reply to them there with some small sense of anonymity. My OH isn't bothered about anything other than the Dress(only thing I can't help with) because I organised everything else so I can't talk to her either. Her friend and BM is then trying to organising all manner of things by e-mail between the two of them so I'm being ignored on that end as well. Be glad you have your OH to bounce ideas off. I don't have anybody because my OH won't discuss things with me because apparently she's discussing things with her BM who seems to think she's the one getting married. O:|
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Your oh wont discuss it with you at all? Geez that's harsh of her. It's not like you're the one she's marrying or anything.
MrQ Posts: 1085
[quote="Snuffy":29y3eoe5]Your oh wont discuss it with you at all? Geez that's harsh of her. It's not like you're the one she's marrying or anything.[/quote:29y3eoe5] Not quite at all but here's an example of recently: Tuesday my mother showed up those glass sweet jars and my OH said "That would be a great idea" so I started looking into it( told her I would so started a thread on here), found all the information and she couldn't care less. Just said, yeah we can do that but I'm not bothered about it anymore. She's not interested in the car, won't look at rings(need to for the budget), won't go looking for flowers with me and said she will only go with her bridemaid(not chief BM), won't talk about the honeymoon. One of her friends said something on Facebook about the reading she is doing at the church. I don't remember being consulted on this so nobody from my side of the church/family is now doing a reading. It's odd because she has lists for EVERYTHING. She even gave me a list this morning when I went to Dunnes and I only had to get 5 things but the wedding is like a horrid beast to her. She can't function with it as far as I can see. But I have nobody else, but she as a woman, she has access to anybody who will listen to her.
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Would you not make an appointment with a florist and just land her there with you?
MrQ Posts: 1085
[quote="Snuffy":2dk9hv0b]Would you not make an appointment with a florist and just land her there with you?[/quote:2dk9hv0b] Yes and No. I think I'll wait until she gets the BM dresses out of the way before we start considering chair sashes, flowers etc etc.