Yet again a bfn

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willthiswork Posts: 1995
Oh my God. Another negative. I tested saturday cos I couldn't wait til today and it was negative. Then today my period came with a vengeance. I'm so sick of this! My husband keeps telling me it will be even better when it does happen but that doesn't help me now. I spent saturday bawling my eyes out. I'm trying to decide if I should go to the doctor but we're only trying since september so he'll probably say keep trying. Aaaaaargh! Its so frustrating!
corkrebel Posts: 744
Sorry to read about your BFN Willthiswork.... and I know that nothing makes you feel better ..... are you charting at all? I have to say that it definitely helped me to fall pregnant...if you need any info, let me know !
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i was just goin to pm you this morning i was thinking bout you over weekend. i am really sorry to hear bout BFN :(
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Really sorry to hear that Willthiswork, had also been thinking about you over the weekend and was hoping for a BFP for you guys. Like Corkrebel said, have you tried charting as it seems to make a big difference for a lot of couples. Typically doctors will refer you for further tests once you have been trying for 9+ months, usually about 12 months. If you're particularly anxious you could always tell them you're actively trying since last May so that they'll give you an immediate referral. They don't see 9 months as particularly long themselves even though it probably feels like an eternity for you. I'd try the charting first if you're not already doing it. If you are then have a chat with your GP and see what he/she suggests. They might suggest you go on something like Clomid to boost ovulation but TBH I'd leave that for another while if I were you, not the easiest on the system. How is your health generally? Are you/your DH fairly active/fit? If not then try increasing your fitness levels at a nice steady pace and if either or both of you smoke try cutting back or quitting if you could. If you're already doing all of the above then have a chat with your GP and see what they suggest. Hopefully your time is just around the corner and as your DH says, given all the disappointment now it will be all the sweeter when it does come. Unfortunately its very often the pressure we put ourselves under that is the cause for not conceiving, a vicious circle. Hard and all as it is, do you think you could give yourself 2-3 months where you are not so focused on a BFP and see what happens during that time. Might just be the pressure you're now under that is blocking that BFP. Will keep you in my thoughts in the meantime and am sending lots of babydust your way with this post x x x x
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Sorry to here :cry: that willthiswork
willthiswork Posts: 1995
Hi Thanks for your messages. I tried charting a few months ago but gave up when it didn't work!! I'm starting again tomorrow and I'm going to check my ewcm or whatever that gross thing is! I'm also going to start eating more healthily and get more exercise. I'm not overweight but I could stand to lose a few lbs and my husband is trying to give up smoking as well (he is in great shape). Hopefully this will be our month!
Lucy D Posts: 91
Hi willthiswork Sorry to hear about yet another month frustration its obviously getting to you and who could blame you. I would definetly give charting a go again I used it and it worked great for me. I used three sites altogether to check them against each other but they were generally all the same. Try and not let it get down too much or wooried after all the average is 6 - 12 months to concieve so you still in the bracket. Best of luck we'll have our fingers crossed for you.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
I'm so sorry will thiswork :( I can only imagine how frustrated you are with the whole thing. I can only agree with what the other girls are saying, that charting it probably the best thing you can do from here. I know it seems that everyone around you is pregnant and that is seems so easy for everyone else but the truth of the matter is that there are only really a few key days a month that you can get pregnant and timing is everything! Is your hubby still away with work a lot? Hopefully not too much, so you can get the show back on the road! Give the charting another go, at least for a couple of months anyway and see how you get on. Or even if you wanted to just to take note of your CM every day and remember that when it's EWCM, that that's your best chance of conceiving. I'll say a little prayer for you for a BFP very soon :)
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i know it must seem frustrating to you, seems lile everyone is having babies. they do say it takes a year to get pregnant dont give up one of the days you'll have that double line.
Jelly Posts: 174
just pm'ed you