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Diamondz Posts: 2208
Hi Girls.. sorry yes it's another names post.. but I'm really struggling with boys names.. DH wants an Irish name, but I haven't found one I like... if we have a boy I would quite like to name him after his daddy (Declan) but DH said no way wants him to have his own name...!! But when I mentioned the Irish alternative, he said he might consider it.... I also like Fionn.. What do you think.. or any other suggestions?? Thanks :wv
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
love the name Fionn, its really cute. or Finn. xx :xxx
zoey Posts: 1574
I think they're both lovley names. I ticked Deaglan though because I really like the idea of calling him after his dad but with the Irish version. I bet Deaglan would be one of those names that would really grow on you.... It's not at all common these days so he'll probably be the one and only Deaglan around!! I love Fionn too but there are lots of little Fionns aroud these days. By the way, don't be sorry about the names post, I love hearing other peoples baby name ideas!!
Nadie Posts: 1111
I'm with Zoey, I LOVE names polls! I went for Deaglán. My DH is James and I want Séamus as one of our possibles but he hates it. I really like the naming him after his Dad idea, but not having the confusion of two James' in the house, cos that's just annoying...
maisedon Posts: 1394
I love name polls too!! I have to be honest and say that I voted neither :-8 Although I'm really not a fan of Irish names.
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
I love Fionn or own son is called Conall(as in o connell st) i always loved it and always wanted an irish the polls on names x
micksmrs Posts: 931
I chose neither on the poll, I am not really a fan of Fionn even though it is very popular also my sister called her dog Finn so that's not a contender for us. My choices for boys names are as follows: Eoin or Evan (Welsh for John), I have seen Evan spelt Eibhin in an Irish baby names book but I will be spelling it the English way.
Gingham Posts: 3014
I really like the irish version of Declan....
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Thanks girls.. looks liek my name choices are not very popular - might have to look at this some more... septemberbridie I absolutely love Conall, but that's my nephews name :o( same goes for Eoin micksmrs, but I do like Evan, hadn't considered that name and will put it to DH tonight... Picking names is so difficult... especially when you consider they will have it for life... it would be just like me to change my mind on the name after they've owned it for a year :o0
micksmrs Posts: 931
Mayalldone, boys names seem to be the hardest. With our surname I just knew what we would call a little girl and all I had to do was get DH to agree which was easily done as it has a lovely ring to it. The boys names are killing us. Everytime I come up with some thing he dismisses it. Eoin and Evan are the only two he hasnt said no to. I have Mark on a list too but am iffy about it. Evan is the only one that is growing on me and it better keep growing because my head is done in with it all.