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happyhappy Posts: 50
Hi! I wrote the other day about the cost of photographers. I got some really brilliant responses and have emailed a load of people. Still waiting on some replies... In the meantime I thought of my fiance's sister who got married in London last summer. I really loved her photos and thought, what the heck, why don't I just check out her photographers to see if it might be affordable to get them over for my wedding. Well actually it was himself's idea which I laughed at and thought it was ridicuous...! They just got back to me. £850 including engagement shoot, 12 hours photography for 2 people and all photos high res on disc. Then for £150 more i can get a 40 page album! WHAT!??!!! What a brilliant deal!! I don't get it. It'll be cheaper for me to fly 2 guys over from London and pay their accommodation than get someone in Ireland. I know I'm sounding like an OAP here but everything is such a rip off!! Aghghhhh!! Ok I'm a full time musician living in London and the prices I'm getting quoted for bands in Ireland are about twice what we get paid over here - and half the time they're not even full time musicians in the bands!!!! I don't get it. In Ireland you say the word wedding and the price goes through the roof. It's annoying! O:| O:| O:| ok better out than in - isn't that what they say!!! Sorry shoot me now... :-8 x Deep breaths....
Sprocket Posts: 1671
Get booking those airline tickets for the photographers. You'd be mad not to!
mrs2013 Posts: 213
The price of suppliers is just crazy. I got lucky and the photographer my friend used has really low prices and I love his work but some photographers i got quoted had crazy prices. I also think bands and church music is at a very high price. I think it is a disgrace I believe when suppliers are in the wedding industry they offer higher prices. It is just unblievable to think 2 photographers are coming over to Ireland from the UK and are able to offer lower prices to you than Irish suppliers. Were in a recession when will suppliers realise that they have to lower there prices.
Rachel Fox Photography Posts: 343
Pricing can be an issue but I guess it depends who you go to. There are a lot of affordable suppliers on here too. I have felt your pain though, I called around the night before my own wedding when my photographer (a friend) ended up in hospital. One person, I can't recall the name quoted me €4,200 :ooh being Christmas and less than 24 hrs from the wedding I guess they thought I was that desperate. I ended up getting a great deal though elsewhere and was very happy with the results.
Sprocket Posts: 1671
Our photographer was our biggest expense (excluding the meal). And I'd pay the money again (a hair's breath under 2K) because we love his style. But if you've found someone you love that's waaay cheaper than everyone else. Book! Book like the wind * * this may not may much sense but I hope you get what I mean! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
happyhappy Posts: 50
Hi! I'm afraid so Littlelily (I have your wedding shoes btw!!!!!).Well certainly for a photographer whose style I like it was looking at closer to 2 grand. Crrrrrazy money. I'm sure there are cheaper options and of course I'll keep looking and wait for my replies to come in from recommendations I got here - just even in theory the fact that it could be cheaper to fly people in seems ludicrous!! Now my fiance's idea to fly a band over isn't seeming so ludicrous either!!! I'll be chartering a flight at this rate!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
happyhappy Posts: 50
I don't mean to make anyone feel bad btw if anyone has spent a fortune on photography. I have so far spent waaay more on every element of this wedding than I had anticipated. i thought I was going to be one of those "Oh my dress? Oh ya I got it in a charity shop for €300!!" Oh NO!! Instead I have a designer making me one!!! :o0 And it costs a fortune! It justs shocks me at every stage of wedding planning how much everything costs!!
flor Posts: 1621
[quote="happyhappy":3gz1296x]i thought I was going to be one of those "Oh my dress? Oh ya I got it in a charity shop for €300!!" Oh NO!! Instead I have a designer making me one!!! :o0[/quote:3gz1296x] :o0 that's hilarious :) it is really shocking though the way the word 'wedding', or 'honeymoon' for that matter, seems to multiply the price by about 3... can't believe you are able to fly the photographers over from the UK for less than what you've been quoted here :ooh shocking!
teapotty Posts: 2085
[quote="LittleLily":2h1e4lb7]Converted to euro thats €1136 for the coverage and the album. Just did a check of flights for a random date with ryanair €109, then maybe €90 for accommodation (assuming they stay only 1 night but you might need 2) brings the total to €1335. I'm so out of touch since our wedding. And Irish photographers are more than that? Thats so much money.[/quote:2h1e4lb7] You can definitely get [b:2h1e4lb7]a[/b:2h1e4lb7] photographer for much less than that, say around €800. But it's very important to love your photos so I'm all for paying more for them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while you're a bit peeved over the cost, at the end of the day you're choosing to pay it over a cheaper photographer. It's not impossible to find reasonably priced photographers.
micls Posts: 1156
[quote="teapotty":bpnvfvul] at the end of the day you're choosing to pay it over a cheaper photographer.[/quote:bpnvfvul] That may be so, but that doesn't mean we can't question/and complain about why the exact same service cost's that much more here than across the pond. While you can get cheaper, there is still a lot of ripping off going on in Ireland, and simply saying well you don't have to pay it isn't really looking at the bigger picture.