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Wifey Wifey Posts: 198
Hi girls, Does anyone have any idea of any pre-natal yoga or pre-natal swimming classes around the north side of Dublin as I've been looking on the internet but cant seem to find anything. Am nearly 4 months now so want to get started soon to keep myself toned as things are starting to expand already!! Thanks
lmc1978 Posts: 423
Hi there, I've been looking for something similar myself. i know there is aqua fit in coolock on mon and thurs but not sure if they do anything pre-natal specifically. A lot of these places wouldnt be on the web you'd only really find out by calling in and picking up a leaflet but who has time to do that right? :-8 I think i might have a number for a prenatal yoga out in swords... i'll have to get it from my friend though. i'll pm you later when i get it. HTH LC
Barbara Ann Posts: 1032
Hi Ladies I seen an advertisement for pregnancy yoga down near Raheny or the Howth Road. I'm going to ring myself when I get back off holidays to find out more. Heres the number that I took down if you want to make an enquiry. 018339902 As for swimming, I don't know of any special classes for pregnancy on the Northside. Let me know how you get on if you ring. :wv
Toots12 Posts: 894
not sure if this is any good, but there's a great aqua aerobics class in the National Aquatic Centre - if that class doesn't suit, give Aileen, the girl who runs the classes a shout - she's really nice and can probably recommend somewhere else nearer to you.
lmc1978 Posts: 423
this site looks good.....