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gillie Posts: 384
Just a quick question for the experts, can i have yogurts? and is so what kind... Im dying for a yop??? Thanks :thnk
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
AFAIK most yogurts are safe! But I'm open to correction on that one. I've been eating all kinds! I love yogurts!
gillie Posts: 384
thanks for the reply tinyfeet....i think ill have me yop so... :o0
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'm sure all supermarket yogurt is pasturised so safe. Unless it's at a farmer's market or something I cannot see that it would be risky (and even then I don't know if it would). I eat yogurt everyday to boost my calcium and probiotics
mtv Posts: 935
i agree with tilsun
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=darkblue:3l8amh0s]I think all pasteurized yogurts are okay... Petit Flous is made from unpasteurized soft cheese - I would avoid this one but I could be wrong on that information; I think I read that on the side of the pack just double check before you purchase and you will be fine.. I should start eating more yogurts -- I don't like milk so I should substitute it with another source of calcium[/color:3l8amh0s]
Loopster Posts: 190
Agh just finished a petit filous! Have to go dig in the bin in work now to check the ingredients :o(
zarazia Posts: 396
Ive been eating Petits Filous all the time. Just reading the ingredients there and they are: Fromage Frais (80%), Strawberry Puree (8%), Sugar, Rice Starch, Natural Coulous (Elderberry and Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate), Natural Flavourings. Its mentions on the side that its made from soft cheese flavoured with real fruit puree. Its dosent mention unpasturised cheese anywhere unless fromage frais is unpasturised??? Oh god, im nervous now!!
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Zarazia I am pretty sure Petit Filous are fine - sure babies eat them all the time and if they were unpastuerised I am sure they wouldn't - I just had a look at the website and there is nothing there about it not being pastuerised - I will continue to eat them anyways!
Loopster Posts: 190
I know just saw that too :o( I just presumed that all yoghurts sold in the shops here would be pasteurised but I don't know if fromage frais is as standard, hadn't even crossed my mind have been addicted to them the past couple of weeks!