You going to talk to your H2B after midnight

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caramel10 Posts: 249
of your wedding ?? or you are and not do the tranditional thing of not speaking to him until the chapel ??
ludicrous Posts: 529
I did the traditional thing apart from a text when i was going to bed at 1am. There were a few phonecalls made via the Best man and Bridesmaid the morning of the wedding though, i cant even remember what they were about, think it was money for suppliers!
2010Mrs Posts: 991
I was the same, just a txt when going to bed and that was it. He was on the phoen to my bridemaid over different things on the morning,.. mass booklets etc which I was unaware of and it was nice. So excited to see him in the church then :o)ll :o)ll
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I had no choice really and I was glad I got to see him before the Big day. I left our house the afternoon before and went to my parents. That evening I had invited my MIL and OHs brothers girlfriend over for afew drinsk and a chat with my mam and auntie, sisters etc. That night my dad, brother, OH, his brother and father went to a rubgy match and our local. OH wasn't drinking so he called back to my parents to bring his mother and brothers gf home. We had a quick chat at the porch and I got my last squishy cuddle and kiss before the big day. I was so glad to have a chance to see him as his face always calms me. :lvs
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Probably just a few texts or calls if stuff needs to be sorted out. I'll be in one house he'll be in another and we'll both have enough to do without shuttling back and forward. So probably just leave it to the church. Doesnt' matter either way though, if you see the groom or not. No one is going to spontaneously combust!
GucciEnvyOctober Posts: 382
We got married abroad and we stayed together the night before the wedding, infact we hung out most of the morning of the wedding too, he was there when i was getting my hair and make up done. The only time we were separate was for maybe 2 hours beforehand when i went to the wedding planners house to get ready and DH then got ready in the hotel room. That was what we wanted to do :heartbeat:
mamajen Posts: 2263
We're staying in hotel the night before and Wedding Coordinator said she's going to tell the girls working the night before to seperate us as midnight lol :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
no h2b is staying in a b/b while i stay at the hotel.It is his 30th birthday the night before so il say goodnight to him about half 10 and next time ill speak/see him will be at 2pm at the top of aisle!!!!
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
I thought you just couldn't see each-other. Didn't realise you weren't supposed to talk either. *) *) I've a good bit to go yet, but I think my H2B will be staying in his home house, about 1h 40m away, the night before the wedding. But now I'm thinking that might be adding unnessary stress traveling the morning of the wedding.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I'll definitely be talking to H2B at some point on the morning of the wedding - we talk all the time and don't think it would feel right not having a little chat on the phone - even if it's only brief!!