You know you're too old for Topshop when...

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Lorna Doone Posts: 737
You realise 90s style is retro trendy. Time for a wardrobe detox... You find the music too loud / don't recognise any of these choons The staff look like extras from a hot new movie you've never heard of When you see Mums shopping with daughters, you feel Mumsy even though you've no kids You no longer think pants with Elmo on the front are cute You find a dress you like, but it's got a cut-out panel in the waist / back / arse Tut loudly at the prices & comment about the quality of the polyester garms Can't believe neon tights / dungarees / lace fingerless gloves are back in fashion Find yourself staring at young ladies & thinking - How do they get their hair matt like that? Those shoes are an accident waiting to happen... Who actually invented wet-look leggings? You fancy the security guard & have a sneaky peek at his ring finger... The changing rooms make you fat, old & pink. Must be the terrible strip lighting... You feel a bit like Father Ted & co when they got lost in the department store Lingerie section But mostly, that you shopped here all the time only a couple of years ago!
chicabride Posts: 453
I hear ya...I was shopping with my dd who is 12 the other day and she was saying how the 80's are all in. I told her I did the 80's already and wont be doing them a second time...she was like....YOU WERE ALIVE IN THE 80'S OMG!!! (I am[u:340xbku9] only[/u:340xbku9] 35!!)
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Went in the other week looking for a top to wear with black skinnies and all the tops were crop tops for kids with completely flat tummies.... the last year or 2 any time I've looked in there I've been way too old for any of the "going out" clothes.
pinkunicorn Posts: 585
[quote="Lorna Doone":19ncyx2x] You find a dress you like, but it's got a cut-out panel in the waist / back / arse [/quote:19ncyx2x] I actually just laughed out loud in work :o0 oops. Seriously though, what is with the cut outs on the waist. ASOS is the same...lots of lovely dresses online and then when you click on them realise a huge chunk is missing. Now I feel old too boooo! O the plus side, I was wearing a pretty great pair of skinny green jeans at the weekend (im in serious diet/exercise mode now for the wedding so losing weight pretty fast :) ) and my niece (age 12) commented how great they were and then she ran down to her room to put on her identical red skinny jeans. She also had a great new pair of converse which I really I feel young again yaaaayy :o0
bolababy Posts: 706
You pick up a top thinking its great that its long enough to go over your sizeable arse, get to the changing room and realise its not a top but a shorts/tops onesie.
ructions Posts: 2689
You browse and realise the clothes are actually horrible!
FastLane Posts: 252
[quote="ructions":1u0mr0cv]You browse and realise the clothes are actually horrible![/quote:1u0mr0cv] Absolutely agree, most stuff is so rotten and WAY overpriced! The only thing I'd consider buying there are their Baxter jeans, my last ones lasted 4 years!
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
I shop from their website, can pick up some nice different things at the sterling price occasionally. Can't bring myself to go to the shop anymore, the shop assistants are half my age, it's just too traumatic. Still love topshop though for the occasional gem.