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fantac Posts: 4109
what is the normal day of your cycle for ovulation and conception? i am a clockwork 28 day-er i am so confused between hospital dates, lmp dates and counting from when i know we dtd - i'm just trying to figure out whats normal! can anyone help pls?? ta
fantac Posts: 4109
ok - just figured that bubs was conceived on june 11th 2007 - so how many weeks do i count from then? just it was very early in my cycle and teh hosp keep giving me a due date almost 2 weeks earlier than my lmp dates and i just dont know who to believe at all - pls help!!
pricilla Posts: 1564
Well it's 38 weeks from conception, or 40 weeks from your last period. So you are 36 weeks pregnant since Monday and are due on the 3rd of March. Is that about right?
fantac Posts: 4109
thanks priscilla - thats what the hosp keep saying - march 5th, i keep saying march 8th cos it gives me a few days leeway without folk asking have i popped yet! my gp is working off my lmp dates which are more than a week later so i had a little panic today - thanks for your help!
agie Posts: 1107
i used and it gave me the same date as the hospital (although im just thinking im going with a 32 day cycle and I had been on the pill for years so I could have had a 28 day cycle.....interesting!)
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Even with a 'normal' 28 day cyle, ovulation can be anywhere from cd12 - cd18 or so so it's hard to tell, but it's only a week in the difference. If your conception date was actually a BD date, then it could have been up to 5 days later that conception actually took place, so it's still a week either way. If it comes to a stage where induction is brought up, I think the hospital will go by their scan dates anyway unless you're sure of dates yourself....but as for others, just lie and tell them you're due March 15th or something like that >:o)