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mammy2011 Posts: 1388
There are so many!!! My head is a bit frazzled by them all. Basically i am looking for easy, short tutorials for eye make-up application (especially the Urban Decay NAKED palette), false eyelash application and blusher application. Can anyone recommend a poster i could narrow my search to? Please n thanks :xox
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
pixiwoo are AMAZING there from the UK. Kiva Cusack, "lttle Kiva" from Dublin also very good. Gossmakeupartist is one of my favs, its a man, but he is brilliant. And Sam Shurman from the states also very good for the naked pallet tutorials.
McLisa Posts: 1815
+1 for pixi woo and goss! Pixiwoo are fab and they are two sisters, they can be really funny at times but so knowledgable. I got married abroad and actually emailed them about my make up thinking they'd never reply but they did!! They also have fab make up brush range at boots and it's very reasonable for a good set of brushes!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
On my phone and can't copy and paste YouTube addresses. I'll go on laptop in while and do it then. I found few tutorials for the naked palette which I love. The pixiwoo one probably my favourite. Quick tip if you're using any of the shadows with shimmer, particularly sidecar, either put eyeshadow on first or put Sellotape under eyes as there can be quite a bit of falloff from brush and you end up with shimmer all over your face. I do my eyes first, then clean off face then foundation. Eyes will look stupid done with no foundation so don't mind that! Once foundation done eyes won't look half as made up.
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662 (I do a less winged out version of this)
Shells Bells Posts: 650
Great post OP! I have both Naked Palettes, watched a few tutorials for the first one but didn't find them great. Will check out your recommendations. Thanks!
mammy2011 Posts: 1388
Thanks everyone! Can't wait to try out a few tricks! I am going to ask himself for NAKED 2 for Christmas, is it worth it? Any other nice bits i could get? I love make-up but i have been just using the same old bits lately and would like to spruce it up for christmas parties and nights out. My fail safe products are: Avon (yes, really!!) Supershock mascara. Love it and cheap as chips! Rimmel dream finish foundation, i usually use Lancome but to keep costs down i use Rimmel now during the week and its actually a lovely finish. Soap n Glory, i have used their Trick n Treatment for dark circles under eyes and its quiet good. And i recently discovered this ... de-triumph i love it!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
The urban decay eyeshadow primer is amazing! I have the original and sin. Also their highlighter is fab too. Def worth buying. The mac face primer is another product I love. Have tried few makes and this is my favourite.
mammy2011 Posts: 1388
Do you use MAC foundation SW? I have used the Lancome La base pro and liked it and i wonder do they work better with their respective foundations? Oh i actually have the UD primer, i got it free with my palette. Must dig that out again.
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Using urban decay foundation at the moment. It's nice and light so perfect for daytime. Gives really good even coverage and love the finish. Think I need to get it in a slightly darker shade for night wear.