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popplewell Posts: 110
Hi ladies. :wv Just wondering for those of you who have definite bumps already. Does your bump always stay hard and bumplike or does it sometimes go squishy like a jelly belly? :o0 I have a very obvious bump when I am standing up but when I sit down it softens up and I can squeeze rolls between my hands. :-8 Am not really worried about it cos baby seems to be constantly moving, justs curious more than anything?
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
Yeah mine is exactly like that - really rock hard when standing and soft when sitting??? Its strange :eek
aylala Posts: 3673
mine is like jelly already :o( was looking in t loo at lunch i can still suck it in but not for much longer i feel so bloated
babybliss Posts: 437
Mine was like that until close to 28-30 weeks, but now it's a definite bump and there is no hiding it or moving it. It's a hard ball at the front and the soft bits have totally disappeared...