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adelz Posts: 3088
HI all, I rang our anti natal clinic today and the lady told me that they are very busy and that I def won't be called till after 12 wks, which is norm enough but can go to 16wks! Anyway now Im just wondering when you visit your GP can you get to hear the heart beat of babs. I have to make my app next wk for my gp and if I got to hear heart beat I would be so happy and would really put my mind at ease. I have been to the EPU twice and had scans, heard the heart beat at the last one and it gave me such comfort&really stopped alot of worrying. Ive been to the GP only to have my preg confirmed, so what normally happens at the next appointment? Thanks in advance :wv
JDD Posts: 1316
Hi Babsdel. I had my second GP appointment at the ten week mark, and he didn't try to hear the heartbeat, though I don't think a doppler would pick it up that early. He just took a sample of urine, I asked him a few questions about symptoms and he felt around for the uterus and that was it. I did however have my booking appointment at the hospital at 12+3, and they were able to find the heartbeat with the doppler at that stage. It took the midwife a while but she found it eventually. I was quite lucky as the doppler doesn't normally pick up the heartbeat until 14 weeks+. So I suppose it depends when your doctor's appointment is, and whether he owns a doppler or not!
Positive2012 Posts: 481
Girls, how did ye know when to make your doctor's appointments? Did the doctor tell you at what intervals they see you?
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks Jdd for that. When I went to my app to get preg confirmed, I asked the doc then when did she need to see me again, she said make an app in around 6wks so next wk Ill be 5wks since visited her, so going chance for the end of next wk!
tilsun Posts: 4506
My GP won't try for a heartbeat until at least 17 weeks as she said it can be hard to find and then mums get distressed.
bumpytwo Posts: 50
hi, i went to docs at 6wks to confirm pregnancy and wasnt adv of when to go back, at 13+4 i still hadnt heard from clinic and was worried, rang my gp they adv its normal not to get scan may be until wk 16+...ok i thought this is odd not seeing gp or clinic, rang my clinic turns out they only got my letter last wk (after i had rang gp) so they obviously made an error...girl at clinic was lovely gave me appointment for scan next wk.. my advice is if ur worried or just want reassurance make appointment for gp yourself not to wait for the gp, i feel i should have been seen couple wks ago but was afraid/shy to make a fuss, i made appointment for gp for tomorrow hope to hear baby heartbeat but if not at least now i know scan is next wk... :)
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Hiya. I had my first GP appt at a couple of weeks, to confirm the pregnancy. Then the next time I saw him was around 15 weeks. He did check for the heartbeat then but he said it was unlikely that he would hear it with the equipment that they have. However, loud and clear, there was her heart beating away! Next appointment was 20 weeks at the hospital. I only ever heard the heartbear in the GP or when I thought I had problems and had to go to the hospital, that was on my daughter. Sometimes, you just have to ask them.
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks all so much, that's very helpful. It is great to hear the heart beat
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
My sis GP wouldn't even try listening to the heatbeat until she was 18 weeks, she said its hard to find and causes undue worry to the mammy if that happens.. Im finding it very long, I had a scan at 12 weeks and won't hear heartbeat till 18 weeks :(
redroses Posts: 714
Hi ladies, i had my last gp appointment when i was exactly 12 weeks and he found the heartbeat, was amazing!!Before he put the doppler on my tummy, he said it can be found at 13 weeks and if he didnt find it that day he would get me to come back in a week and try again and if he still couldnt find it he would have sent me to the EPU. Have to say he found it straight off and its the best sound in the world! In regards to the intervals he always tells me when to come back again and also writes it on combined care card.