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plainwhited Posts: 69
Hi ladies Following on from the kitchen thread, if you could design your ideal home, what would it be like? We are meeting an architect this week to plan the extension and renovation of an old cottage and want to get some ideas together? Is there something you have always wanted or even something you don't like in your own house? Open to ideas :-) Thanks in advance
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
I'd love a 4 bed outside our village, with a little sun room for me and half acre for kids to run around on.
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
Just loads of light. Floor to ceiling windows where possible & velux windows in the ceiling. Also the ability to be open plan or not, so perhaps concertina doors between rooms etc. Would have to have a large, spacious & very functional kitchen with loads of worktop space. The kitchen is the heart of the home IMO. What an exciting project, best of luck with it! :)
abbeylane Posts: 534
A highly energy efficient house. If possible, a passive house. Sick of draughts...
Chocaholic2015 Posts: 257
Plenty of insulation - our house is A3 rated and it's amazing how warm it gets after the heating's been on for an hour (and it retains it!). We have solar panels too which are the job - constant hot water for about 8 months of the year! One thing we weren't able to do in our house was install a stove with a back boiler (we could change internal layout but not external so couldn't move the fireplace closer to the boiler or move the boiler closer to the fireplace!) so that's definitely something I would recommend. Make sure your own en-suite is big - ours is fine but we could do with a bit more space in it. Also we installed standard sinks with pedestals. In hindsight we should have opted for sinks with a press built in underneath these...
rosiemama Posts: 3363
I would like a bigger lawn area in garden, we have a lot of tarmac / paving and outbuildings that get in the way so are left with quite a small grass area. Definitely would want a larger utility room too which I would use as a laundry room, with lots of storage for coats, boots etc. We have a kitchen diner, but I'd love if it was big enough to put a sofa in as we spend most of our time in the kitchen. Island is a must too so you don't have your back to the room when preparing food etc. Two separate living rooms is a must too when you have kids - to keep one room tidy and so you can watch what you want on TV! Love having an ensuite. We used to have a walk in wardrobe too but had to get rid of it to make more room for bedrooms upstairs and I really miss it. Would definitely second having a press under the sink too, we have this and I can keep a lot of cleaning stuff in there (saves running downstairs), as well as bulking up on toiletries etc. Also definitely think about insulation and keeping the house warm. We have spent a fortune on getting our house insulated. The boys bedroom in particular as it is over the garage and loses a lot of heat. The one thing I don't like about our house is that we have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs which means that if our children don't want to share a room (the boys do currently and the new baby will be in with DD) then they will be downstairs and we will be upstairs which I don't like. But maybe when they are a good bit older. At the minute we use those rooms for spare room and playroom. [quote="B2B Aug 2013":y0hvdgql]Plenty of insulation - our house is A3 rated and it's amazing how warm it gets after the heating's been on for an hour (and it retains it!). We have solar panels too which are the job - constant hot water for about 8 months of the year![/quote:y0hvdgql] Did you put solar panels in yourselves? We are thinking of doing this, our house is ideal for it as it is south facing and as we are in a bungalow with attic conversion we have a long large roof with few windows etc. Was it expensive and do you find it saves much on your heating / energy bills?
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Building-wise we/I know what we/I dream of, but location-wise, can't decide. We'd love a detached house (mid terrace at the moment and we hate it), with a big country style kitchen - if I won the lotto, I'd kit it out Avoca/Nigella style. We both want a dining room, so guests can't see pots and pans when they're over for dinner. Our kitchen is quite small at the moment, it can get very warm with the heat from the oven, and I hate that all the dirty pots are on show. I want an utility room and a pantry, there was one in my Mums family home, and I loved going in to see all the jars of food in it, I think it's just a childhood memory kind of thing. Hubby wants a man-cave sort of place - off ye go love, it'll mean I'll get some peace and quiet!! :o0 :o0 We'd also like a bit more than a garden, a bit of land. Location is the problem, if we want our ideal home, it means having to go outside of Dublin, more countryside direction. And if we want to be nearer family, it means having to move in towards town direction, so that would the dream house staying a dream. :o( :duh:
zoesmama Posts: 2774
To build on the site at home which my Dad left me is our Dream. Unfortunately it is a long way from reality at the mo :o( Anyway we know exactly what we want - Georgian style, 5 bedrooms, 1 ensuite for us, 1 ensuite with doors opening from both kids bedrooms, large open plan sitting / dining / kitchen space, study, cloak room for coats and shoes etc, open fire, aga, wet room off the large utility room / laundry room. Detached garage with electricity and water there. Large garden. Not asking for much really :-8
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
I always fancied renovating a cottage and marrying the old with the new. Like you walk into what looks like a cottage at the front, only to be met with a huge, [email protected] off modern extension at the back with lots of glass (or glazing as Mr McCloud would say). Just have a google of 'cottage with modern extension' or the like to see some images and get some inspiration. Class. Oh and all the sensible things like insulation etc as previously mentioned.
plainwhited Posts: 69
Thanks for all your ideas ladies. Nitty Gritty that's pretty much what we are going for. It's a 300 year old cottage by a lake. We want to keep the look from the front and then have 2 long bits at the side (so it becomes a u shape) with the kitchen/diner/living room on one side with a wc and utility room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom in the middle bit, study and master ensuite on other side with internal courtyard in the middle. Would like lots of stone and glass. Meeting architect tomorrow so see what he says, hopefully he won't think we are crazy!! Feel free to keep adding ideas :-)