AIMS Ireland launched a new initiative a few months back so that we could better address local issues at a local level. As you may or may not know, the differences in the Maternity Services / Provisions up and down the country is huge and because our active members are spread across the country, they all have issues in their own area that may not be relevant to another area. We want to ensure that all bases are covered and that women in all areas are getting the help they need. So we are setting up 4 regional boards. These mirror the HSE Areas of Dublin, North East Dublin, Mid Leinster The West & The South So far, we have successfully launched in the first 3 areas. We are yet to launch in the South and are currently calling for anyone who is interested to put themselves forward so that we can arrange a meeting. The South is such a huge area, geographically, so we want to see where most interest is (SE / SW) so that we can get all interested parties together to form a board. The other 3 boards now meet on a Quarterly basis. These are fairly informal meetings where local women get together to discuss their local issues. These might be: areas for concern in their hospitals, provision of information for local women fundraising events / ideas. Liasing with the healthcare providers in their area If anyone is interested in getting involved in their local group, or simply attending their local meeting. E-mail us at [email protected], or check out our website: and click on the Local News pages for more information. Best Wishes AIMS Ireland