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Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Yes, I heard that on the Kardashians, a show I claim not to watch but I've recently got sucked in to. Ok?! Sue me! Basically everyone says what their peak (highlight) of the week has been and what their pit (lowlight) has been. I know the week isn't over yet, but it almost is and I'm bored. Also apologies in advance I'm expecting visitors shortly so might not reply til later. Peak - Seeing a real improvement in my Dad since we got a stairlift installed for him. He has lung cancer and just couldn't manage the stairs anymore so my siblings and I purchased a stairlift for him and it's made so much of a difference. Pit - Throwing up into a plastic nappy bag while changing the little girl I mind. Just out of the blue, changing the nappy as normal when the usual violent spasm of vomit caught me and I had no choice. It was either that or puke on the floor, or on the actual child. So I ripped open the bag and did it in there instead. I got a clap and a laugh off the child for my efforts though!!
babog1981 Posts: 349
Good Idea Peak: Hospital appointment confirmed all is well with babogjnr and its behaving itself very nicely. :o)ll :heartbeat: :o)ll Pit: Feeling completely yukky in my 3rd trimester. I have put on weight and feel icky, that along with insomnia, is making me feel alittle blue these days :weep
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Oh brilliant Babog, it's great to get reassurance that everything is ok. I know what you mean, I'm just a few days ahead of you, just over 29 weeks and feel like an absolute moose. Very restless at night and just wrecked. But we're nearly at the finish line!
puddin2 Posts: 1093
Oh I love this!!! (and don't worry I saw that episode of the Kardashians too!! So hard not to get sucked into watching them!!) Peak - will be seeing bubs tomorrow. Anomoly scan first thing in the morning :o)ll So hoping all will be ok. Pit - I am finishing up a contract today so need to find another short term contract (max 4 months). Trying not to worry about it too much as worry will not get me a job!!
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Trough - a relative of OH's died suddenly. Very sad. Peak (I hope) is that I am having a scan tomorrow and a tour of the maternity ward..... :o)ll
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
nearly all responses are to do with pregnancy :o)ll Pitt - getting a letter to say our mortgage will be €200 extra per month O:| Peak - None really so far but counting down the days until my next scan on monday and please god we will find out the sex of the baby :o)ll
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Pit: It's one of my friends last day in work today :o( I've only work with her for 2+half years but she is a fab person. i'm gutted she is going for a heap of reasons. Peak: It's the above mentioned friends work going away party tomorrow night. Our supervisor has been off for nearly 3 weeks and myself and another girl have been his designee's. We have been bombarded with CRAP CRAP CRAP and are cursing our supervisor. So the end of the week is neigh, supv is back on monday. We are LIVING for tomorrow night, I'm ditching the DH/kids and staying over in friends house. It's gonna be a toss up between me and her to see who gets the messiest :hic
zeus Posts: 553
PEAK - It was my bday during the week and I got fabulously spoiled with pressies....cant wait to spend all of those vouchers :o)ll PIT - Stupid mortgage coming out yesterday (thought it was today my mistake) putting me into O/D and my mind into overdrive ;o(
Buzzelle Posts: 65
Peak: Almost have a holiday booked for myself and OH! Pit: My car needed a new timing belt and a service which cost me €400
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Oooh great idea SK! Can I have two of each though (I'm greedy, sorry) Peak: DH selling his business Pit: my father getting all holier than thou and saying he will never visit Brazil as he (imagine martyred voice) will not "leave my dogs and horses in the care of just anyone" (my folks have six dogs/three horses) Peak: DH getting the money together for his one-way ticket home Pit: He's leaving in five weeks :(