Your skin (spots) & pregnancy

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rop Posts: 1453
Hi ladies, Just wondering if any of you have suffered with bad skin since becoming pregnant? I have never suffered from spots, even as a teenager. I am almost 22 weeks pg now and have terrible spots on my face, chest and back. I have exfoliated to death on my back and chest and nothing seems to be clearing them. It don't think it can be from my diet and i don't use any different products. I always here people saying their skin was in the best condition when they were pg - trust me to be the odd one out Any one any ideas?
Idina Posts: 1289
Mine was realyl bad until about 18 weeks. It is the hormones :weep
wifin Posts: 4761
No ideas as I seem to be trying the same things as you. I had perfect skin before pregnancy but now my chest and back are in bits. My face was bad up until about 12 weeks but mostly I have a few spots around my mouth but other than that it's the back and chest. You are not alone :lvs
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Another one here, I never had spots when younger and am getting them on my face now. They're leaving red marks behind them when they eventually clear. I'm using J&J Deep Cleansing and an Avon blemish treatment andd they're not really making much difference. I'd also used Tea Tree & Witchhazel stuff from Boots which I used to find good but not working on these spots either.
MrsDoyle Posts: 663
I had this too when pregnant. I was sick to death of other people saying how radiant their skin was and that their hair had never been in better condition because I was the opposite. I tried most products going but nothing really made any difference. My gp said it was pregnancy acne and that a lot of people do suffer from it. In my case, it didn't properly clear up until DS was about 3 months old (sorry, I know that's probably not what you want to hear). It's depressing I know, but it will go away.
Wife09 Posts: 873
Yea my skin has been in bits on and off. I found my skin oilier and changed products to oily skin ones and it helped. Went for a mini exfoliating facial once too and it cleared my spots up too. I have now run out of the new products I bought and my skin is back in bits. I have 4 weeks to go so dont really feel like investing a forture in new skin care as its bound to change again when I have baba. I planned on getting a mini facial before baba but Im on bed rest now for the next few weeks. After baba and I are settled I think Ill go get and facial and consultantation for products, something to look forward too! Also my hair changed in pregnancy too and I change from dry hair shampoo and conditioner to normal and my hair was less greasy.
mam2be Posts: 94
OMG - I thought i was the only one out there! Never got spots and had great skin until a few weeks ago. My chest and back are covered! and even a few round my chin now too! Trying to drink loads of water during work now to see if that will help. *)
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Another spotty pregnant lady here!!! Its so annoying!!! O:|
randomusername Posts: 2134
Yep, pizza face here >:o( I had a few on the top of my back and got one on the top of my leg that was very sore. Never ever had spots before this. Good news is mine cleared up a couple of weeks ago and I have glowy skin and shiny hair. I've been drinking lots of water, avoiding sugar and exfoliating just to keep the skin clean.
rop Posts: 1453
glad to hear im not the only one!! I really hope they clear up soon - especially on my chest and back, im hoping the summer is going to be good to us! at least my face can be covered with make up! :xxs till then its back to exfoliating and hoping for the best :weep