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cookiemad Posts: 917
no word of a lie,was standing in a queue today waiting to be served and they was a woman with her son 2 spaces ahead of me.she was in clear view of me.,as we were kinda facing each other as such.when she started to pick her sons nose.thats not TOO bad,but after finally getting what she was rooting for,examined it and...............................into her mouth it goes :eek :eek :eek .i gawked.there was 2 young teenager girls behind me and they started laughing and said to each other"did she really eat that",so i wasnt the only one who saw it.my stomach is still turning.yuck yuck. :weep :weep as much as i love my kids,there is NO WAY you would catch me do that :hic
Buttonnose Posts: 477
Oh God.. [img:1m0juk6p]http://cdn.mgsrvr.com/funnyfunpages/havingbadday/016_image017.jpg[/img:1m0juk6p] Waste not want not eh? Seriously though, that's pretty gross! I don't go eating my own, never mind anyone elses! :hic
lolabelle Posts: 3311
OMG I feel ill :hic :hic :hic :hic :hic :hic :hic :hic Next time I feel like eating [email protected] I'm going to read this thread. :o0 Disgusting!
ianstuart Posts: 1947
Why would you do that ......WHY???
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek GROSS... DIRTY WOMAN
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Thats revolting
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
That is effing disgusting. I actually can't believe that!! Whatever about eating your own but someone elses?!?!?!!
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Oh my God. That's vile.
lucie lu Posts: 760
Oh dear God, that's disgusting!! Bad enough seeing someone eat their own, but it seems a whole lost worse when it's someone else's snot!! yuck yuck yuck!
cookiemad Posts: 917
im still shocked to be honest,only for the girls behind me i would have gone to specsavers sharpish.still cant believe that she looked at it before she ate it :hic :hic :hic and she looked normal iykwim,.oh i dont know,cant make sense of it,but sure maybe its normal for her. i wont be following,ever