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Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Just been told that seeing as I am going to Liffey Valley I can finish about 45 minutes early providing that I drop the post out on my way!!!!!!!! It's to make up for me having a bad day, the fact that it's wet and miserable amd the fact that I'll hit all the trafic if I wait til 5.30 to g. Sometimes I love my job. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Woo hoo , have lots of fun shopping HC :wv
bonita Posts: 1678
I want your job Have fun shopping :o)ll
*gone* Posts: 4785
Yeehaw! I'm finishing up early today as well ... have to strap myself onto the donkey to go over the mountains into Kerry!
Phoenix Posts: 836
That's so brill!!! Would love your job!!!
clucky Posts: 26471
what are ye shopping for? [size=59:p8nksedu]skip smugs birthday and come to cork[/size:p8nksedu]
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Thanks girls. plan to go mad on the shopping front alright. Dizzy make sure you strap yourself on well - it could be a bit windy up there on the donkey!!!!! :o0
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Have to get a scratching post for the cat and a few other bits in Argos. then I am just clothes shopping for me. Suppose I may get something for Smug. If I had been thinking and been a bit more organised I actually would have gone to Cork believe it or not. Mammy Hot Cocoa is sick though so I have to go home and pamper her as well.
Shin Posts: 8515
happy shoppin cocoa ya lucky thing good thing to do on such a miserable day what are you planning on buying?
*gone* Posts: 4785
[quote="Hot Cocoa":3l6h12ys] Dizzy make sure you strap yourself on well - it could be a bit windy up there on the donkey!!!!! :o0[/quote:3l6h12ys] We'll be like the holy family on the way to Bethlehem, him, me and my swollen tummy (except no baby in there!) :o0 :o0 :o0 We'll have to go the long way cos the lower route is too boggy for auld Neidin the Donkey these days - he's not as spritely as he used to be!