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bride0807 Posts: 203
hi girls, just looking around the internet at travel systems and quite like the look of this mama and papas pne - Ziko Herbie. Has anyone bought it or heard anything reviews about it? Might go up North at weekend so any feedback greatly appreciated :wv
ellee Posts: 666
Hi bride *) I saw this review on Which! which I thought you might find useful. It's one of their "best buys"! The stylish Ziko Herbie is a great everyday pushchair that has the flexibility to tackle rougher ground if necessary. Mamas & Papas have really hit their stride with their Ziko brand of fashionable yet practical pushchairs. The Herbie is larger and more flexible than either the Alfie or Frankie. It can be used as an all-terrain pushchair or travel system by replacing the seat unit with the Mamas and Papas Pro Sleep child car seat via the integrated adapters, or the Primo Viaggio IP using additional adapters. Unfortunately the child car seat is quite heavy, which makes it harder than some to lift and attach to the pushchair. The pushchair itself is suitable from birth, and the whole seat (rather than just the backrest) reclines to three positions using the smooth button-operated mechanism. The seat can face either the parent or the front. It received top marks for pushing on pavements, kerbs, stairs and around obstacles, but is less impressive on very rough ground where the smaller front wheels don't hold their own so well. Despite its size, we had no problems using it on public transport. The horizontal handle bar is very comfortable and adjusts from 100cm to 107cm; it’s comfortable to push the Herbie. It weighs 12.4kg and measures 48x105x64cm (323 litres) when folded, which means it's bulky and harder than many to move around folded and to get into the boot of a medium-sized hatchback car. The huge storage area is easy to get to and there are plenty of accessories including rain cover, hood, carrycot, apron, parasol, removable seat covers, accessories bag and pump for the pneumatic rear tyres. Pros: Great brakes, huge storage, nice to push, good ride quality Cons: Bulky and heavy when folded, expensive hth! :wv
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Hi-last week when I was purchasing our M&P pliko pramette, I spotted a gorgeous Ziko and asked the sales assistant about that one just before I paid for mine. she told me it's not that suitable for a newborn and more suitable as a buggy. Im not at all saying its ture but she was being very helpful and I was making a purchase anyway? HTH :wv
bride0807 Posts: 203
thanks girls!
justwaitin Posts: 2462
i think you can get a carrycot for it , i saw it in world of wonder set up as a 'proper pram, thought it was fab but have 3 buggies for ds, and dp almost dragged me out of there efore i could get a good look.