Luvattumaa - Levi Ice Gallery

Akantie 180, 99130 Sirkka, Levi , Finland
Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery is ”something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” On the natural beauty riverside of river Ounas, around minutes ride from Levi ski center stands a huge snow experience world Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery. Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery is a very popular tourist attraction on a daytime with over square meters snow castle ”The Castle of Promises” and art gallery from ice and snow, the most beautiful wedding venue on earth with it’s ice chapel and an unique accommodation place with fine-carved snow hotelrooms. Also next to snow castle you can find an underground sauna and a river-spa where you can wash yourself with the clear water of river Ounas. In a warm, handmade Lappish restaurant you can eat delious dinners made from natural ingredients taken from nearby forests. All the experiences in Luvattumaa are made together by nature itself and by human force. All water which is used when making snow and building snow castle with it’s decorations is taken from the river Ounas. After the season is over and the snow castle melts in June all the water goes back to river again. When operations started in Luvattumaa years ago nobody ever knew how many couples would say those magical words ”I do” on the banks of the river Ounas, just 6 kilometers from Levi center to north. Now after many years Luvattumaa snow castle has become ”the place” for lovers to get married. First weddings are celebrated at the ice chapel in the beginning of December every year. Hunreads and hunreads of happy couples have now binded themselves together with eternal vows in Luvattumaa. Love has filled the beautiful white snow halls, hot kisses have been shared between lovers and tears of happiness have flown. This is the totally unique way to tell the other person ”I love you” because you know that one day this snow castle you will melt away and then your stay inside the castle will be only in your memories and in beautiful pictures. The couple can also spend a memorable night in Luvattumaa snow castle’s decorative hotel room, drink sparkling wine at snow castle’s Ice Bar and finish their stay having a romantic dinner at warm Lappish restaurant by open fire. If they are lucky they can see Northern Lights dancing above Luvattumaa snow castle. A couple can have a certificate of marriage or proposal of marriage happened at Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery. For more information visit or
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Reviews of Luvattumaa - Levi Ice Gallery

2 reviews
Quality of service
Paul White
Married on 21st Feb 2019
We found the venue and service impeccable. everything we dreamed off it would be and more. It is a very special and beautiful place.
Added 20th Mar 2019
Jamie & Leah
Married on 20th Feb 2019
Our wedding was absolutely perfect and the support we received from the venue prior to the wedding was very good. A simply unique experience that was topped off with superb fireworks and the use of a very good photographer.
Added 19th Mar 2019
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