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Say HELLO to ALOE and get gorgeous in 9 days!! Look better and feel better in just nine days! Everybody wants to glow on their wedding day, everybody wants to shine!  The C9 is a kick start programme designed to cleanse the body. It provides a perfect starting point for transforming your diet and fitness habits alongside a regular exercise routine. So, whether you have just begun on your wedding journey and you are looking to start with a new, healthier you, or you just want to feel lighter, look better and glow on your special day, FOREVER FIT can help get you there!  C9 Pack: This is the kick start, the one to help you shed toxins, look amazing and more importantly, feel fantastic! This can be done by itself if you are just looking to cleanse the body and possibly shed any unwanted pounds. Each pack contains all of your dietary fibre, daily nutrients, supplements, flavoured shakes, a tape measure so you can monitor your progress, a food guide, and a full instruction booklet to help you get the best results for you.  Please note: Weight loss and results vary from person to person.  Order direct from my online store in the fitness and weight management category of the shop.  Please add me on Facebook and like my business page Forever Living Aloe Vera with Siobhan, so I can add you to our FOREVER FIT pages. Here you will find testimonials and support on all the FIT programmes. These testimonials really help as there is encouragement, motivation and real result stories from our customers. Below is a video that explains the whole FIT programme so take a look and get in touch with any questions. Siobhan :) 
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Married on 2nd May 2015
I was recommended to try the Clean 9 last year, I didn't think anything of it and forgot about it until my friend announced she was getting married!! I'd heard it was a great way to just shed a few pounds and I was desperate to feel better about squeezing in to the outfit! So, I got it, and wow!! I could hardly believe it, the results were fantastic, I lost 10lbs and a total of 8 inches all over!! Siobhan advised me fully and was with me the whole way through it. Delighted to have done it and would do it again for sure! I would highly recommend the C9 for anybody! Words of advice, stick to it word for word and keep in touch with Siobhan, she will keep you motivated as she has done it herself too so loads of insight! ????

Good luck!!

Carreen xxxx
Added 18th May 2015
Married on 1st Apr 2013
I would highly recommend the Clean 9. I had heard from a colleague that the cleanse is great for energy and I was also looking for something to give me a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. The programme is so easy to follow it gives you day to day steps to follow with recipes for dinner and your shakes too which are yummy! My overall results was 7lbs and 5 inches. My skin is glowing and my energy levels are up. The aloe Vera gel has made a big difference in my life it also has helped me with my IBS. Thank you so much Siobhan for all your support and guidance through the 9 days. Audrey xx
Added 21st May 2015
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