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The Fitness Room is a personal training studio which specializes in achieving individual goals for all clients in a small group setting. As a trainer I carry the responsibility of helping my clients reach their fitness goals. I believe by providing accountability and motivation I can achieve this.

Let’s face it it’s hard to find the motivation to train on our own. Small group training has several benefits, not only are you being guided through each session but you also have the support of your trainer and the other members of your group.

What I am offering you is accountability, training programs, nutritional guidance, support and results through online training. As a bride to be I understand how important It is to look our best on our big day. I also understand how busy we are planning our big day so it’s not always possible to get to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7pm for your class. However, if we don’t make it we feel like we’re never going to achieve the results we want for our wedding which will only add stress to an already stressed body. It’s a vicious circle. Online training will also provide flexibility so you can train at any time! 


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Where do I start!! Can not recommend Aoife & her training highly enough. I started training properly with Aoife in Jan this year. I’m getting married 23rd March & contacted Aoife to see if she could help get me in shape as I’d already seen the amazing results some of her clients had achieved. I was already a member of a well known gym but wasn’t getting results. From the first day training with Aoife in The Fitness Room I knew I was gonna love it & get results I wanted. I’ve been with her @ 8 weeks now, training 3 nights a week & can already see big changes & have had many people tell me that they can see great results & ask what I’m doing! Her classes are just amazing....tough but amazing & im actually buzzing after them!! Aoife knows what I’m capable of doing & will always push me & remind me how many weeks until my big day!! We all have a great laugh in her classes as well as working out hard, we have great banter! Aoife will incorporate specific exercises into the class when I’m there as she knows specific areas I want to target for my dress. Initially I was just looking for a PT to get me in shape for the big day but I honestly couldn’t give up her classes after the wedding I love them so much & because I can see results & most importantly I feel so happy & confident in my clothes now & enjoy meeting up with the others in the classes. I’ve been a member of quite a lot of gyms from a young age, have always worked out & im a keen runner but Aoife & her classes by far are the best I’ve ever tried. I have fun while working out very hard & see & feel the benefits. Honestly can not recommend her highly enough. The best trainer I’ve ever had
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Caroline, Thank you so much for the review! You've been a pleasure to train and I absolutely can't wait to see all your photos next month!! A huge well done to you over the last's great to see your focus and determination in reaching your goal!!

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