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Val Zukowski Photography

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Documentary, photojournalism style Wedding Photography & Film with a cinematic approach. Available in Ireland & Europe. I provide cinematic storytelling of your real-life love and immortalize what is most important - love, happiness and all shades of life...

Without limits, with passion.

If you like what you find there, I would love to hear your wedding plans :-)


32 reviews
Quality of service5.0/5
Added 2nd May 2023
Wedding 7th Mar 2023
I recently had the pleasure of working with Val for a special event, and I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism and talent. From the moment we first spoke, Val's passion for photography and commitment to capturing our unique vision was evident. On the day of the event, Val arrived early to scout the location and ensure that everything was set up perfectly. His calm demeanor and friendly nature instantly put everyone at ease, allowing him to capture the most genuine and beautiful moments. The final photographs exceeded our expectations in every way. Val has an exceptional eye for detail and a true talent for capturing the essence of each moment. The images are not only visually stunning but also tell the story of our event in a way that words simply cannot. I wholeheartedly recommend Val for any photography needs. His professionalism, talent, and beautiful work speak for themselves. Thank you, Val, for providing us with memories that will last a lifetime!
Added 17th Apr 2023
Wedding 2nd Mar 2023
We recently had the pleasure of working with Val for our special day, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The photos we received were truly stunning and exceeded our expectations. Val's professionalism and skill shone throughout the day, as he was not only extremely helpful in capturing the perfect moments but also maintained a discreet presence, allowing us to fully enjoy our event without any distractions:-)
Added 2nd Jun 2023
Wedding 17th Feb 2023
Val is an extraordinary professional who captured stunning photos for us that are simply breathtaking. His skill, not only in taking pictures but also in understanding the environment and the desires of his clients, is exceptional. What we particularly appreciated was his ability to be discreet. We wanted a photographer who would blend into the background during the day, and Val executed this perfectly. He was practically invisible, yet he managed to capture everything that was important to us. His unobtrusive presence made the day even more special, as we were able to be ourselves without feeling the pressure of a camera lens constantly on us. His pictures are a testament to his ability to anticipate the moment and his eye for detail. Every photograph tells a story, each image is a preserved memory that we will cherish for years to come. His work exceeded our expectations, capturing the emotion and joy of our day in a way we could never have imagined. We are extremely pleased with his services and would highly recommend Val to anyone seeking a professional, discreet and highly talented photographer. His commitment to his craft is evident in the quality of his work and his ability to capture the essence of the moment is unparalleled.
Added 11th May 2023
Wedding 4th Feb 2023
When it comes to capturing life's most precious moments, Val truly exceeded our expectations. As our wedding photographer, he managed to create a collection of stunning photographs that not only captured the beauty of our special day but also the emotions and joy that filled every moment. From the moment we first met Val, his professionalism, enthusiasm, and genuine passion for photography shone through. He took the time to understand our vision and preferences, ensuring that the final product would be tailored to our unique taste. Throughout the wedding day, Val demonstrated the utmost professionalism, seamlessly blending into the background while capturing each moment with precision and artistry. One of the most cherished memories we have is the evening when we sat down with our parents to view the photographs for the first time. As we flipped through each image, we were brought to tears by the sheer beauty and emotion that Val managed to capture. Every photograph told a story and allowed us to relive the most important day of our lives. Val's talent for photography is truly exceptional, and we are so grateful to have had him as our wedding photographer. His attention to detail, ability to capture candid moments, and genuine passion for his craft make him the perfect choice for any couple seeking a skilled and dedicated professional. We wholeheartedly recommend Val to anyone looking for a photographer who can capture the magic of their special day. His incredible talent, professionalism, and the beautiful photographs he delivered will forever be cherished by us and our families. Thank you, Val, for giving us the priceless gift of memories that will last a lifetime.
Added 31st May 2023
Wedding 27th Jan 2023
There are simply not enough words to express how phenomenal Val is as a wedding photographer. My wedding on January 27th was captured in the most breathtaking and beautiful manner, thanks to his expertise. His ability to capture candid moments is unparalleled, giving us not just photographs, but time capsules filled with authentic emotions and memories. From the very first click of his camera, Val demonstrated an uncanny ability to capture our most intimate moments in the most beautiful light. The wedding photos he delivered exceeded all our expectations, demonstrating his truly artistic eye and masterful technique. In addition to this, the romantic wedding video that Val created was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The way he managed to tell our story, filled with emotion, romance, and love, was mesmerizing. It truly reflected the essence of our special day, providing us with a timeless piece that we will cherish forever. Moreover, Val not only excelled at capturing the candid moments of our wedding day, but also created stunning family photographs that we will treasure. His attention to detail, artistic flair, and ability to put everyone at ease resulted in images that were not only visually stunning but also felt genuine and heartwarming. Val is not just a photographer but an artist and storyteller, who managed to encapsulate the beauty, love, and joy of our wedding day in a way we never thought possible. His professionalism, dedication, and passion were evident in every single shot he took. Thank you, Val, for going above and beyond to create such an extraordinary collection of memories. Your work truly speaks for itself and we could not recommend you more highly.
Added 27th Mar 2023
Wedding 14th Jan 2023
Val has an uncanny ability to be discreet and unobtrusive, allowing him to capture the most intimate and candid moments without anyone even noticing he's there. The result is a collection of photographs that truly reflect the essence of our wedding day, filled with genuine emotions and unposed, authentic moments. We're so delighted with the photos!
Added 3rd Mar 2023
Wedding 17th Dec 2022
I highly recommend Waldemar as a skilled and talented photographer. His attention to detail and creative approach captured the essence of my special occasion. He's a professional and friendly photographer who made the experience enjoyable. Thank you, Waldemar, for the beautiful memories!
Sandra and Niall
Added 8th May 2023
Wedding 29th Oct 2022
We recently had the pleasure of working with Val as our wedding photographer, and we couldn't be happier with our choice. From the very beginning, Val demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, communication, and flexibility. On the day of the wedding, Val was extremely helpful and attentive, making sure every moment was captured beautifully. He was able to effortlessly blend into the background, while still being available whenever we needed him. His communication skills were outstanding, ensuring that we were all on the same page and that every important shot was taken. When we received our wedding photos and our album, we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Val's keen eye for detail and artistic touch were evident in every image, capturing the essence of our special day in a way that exceeded our expectations. The memories he preserved for us will be cherished for a lifetime. We wholeheartedly recommend Val as a wedding photographer. His professionalism, communication skills, and artistic talent are truly unmatched. We are grateful for the memories he captured and for making our wedding day an experience we will never forget.
Added 10th Jan 2023
Wedding 18th Aug 2022
Val is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. He was always available to answer any questions we had, and helped us plan our photography schedule to ensure that every important moment was captured. He was also incredibly flexible and accommodating with any last-minute requests we had. The quality of the photos we got is mind-blowing, we are thrilled!
Triona & Alan
Added 8th May 2023
Wedding 9th Aug 2022
Val demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise throughout the entire process. His eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of our special day left us in awe. From the very beginning, Val showed a genuine interest in understanding our vision and expectations for the wedding photos. He offered insightful suggestions, while always ensuring that our preferences were honored. Val was also incredibly helpful on the day of the wedding. His calm demeanor and ability to effortlessly guide us through the photography process made us feel at ease and allowed us to truly enjoy our big day. Val's communication skills were impeccable, as he seamlessly liaised with the venue staff and our guests. He was polite and approachable, making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. This skill allowed him to capture the candid moments and genuine emotions that we will treasure for years to come. Upon receiving our wedding photos and album, we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Val's artistic talent and technical skill were evident in the stunning images he created. Each photo beautifully preserved the memories and emotions of our wedding day. The album itself was also of the highest quality and showcased Val's dedication to delivering a final product that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Val as a wedding photographer to any couple looking for a talented, professional, and personable individual who will undoubtedly capture the magic of their special day.
Anna and Jordan
Added 9th May 2023
Wedding 7th Jun 2022
We had the distinct pleasure of having Val as our wedding photographer and videographer, and we couldn't be more satisfied with our decision. Val's professionalism was evident from the very beginning, as he navigated our wedding day with ease and expertise. Our wedding took place in the garden of our family home, and Val's ability to capture the atmosphere and emotion of this intimate setting was truly remarkable. His keen eye for detail and his artistic vision enabled him to create stunning images that perfectly encapsulate the essence of our special day. In addition to the beautiful photographs, Val also produced a breathtaking wedding film for us. The video was expertly crafted, weaving together the most poignant and heartwarming moments of our ceremony and reception. Val's editing skills and creative vision brought our wedding day to life on screen, allowing us to relive the joy and emotion of the event whenever we watch it. Both the photographs and the video - exceeded our expectations in every way. Val's dedication to delivering high-quality, emotive images and film is a testament to his passion for his craft and his commitment to his clients.
Added 10th May 2023
Wedding 2nd Jun 2022
Working with Val has been an absolute pleasure. He is not only a true professional but also a fantastic companion on the wedding day. With his positive attitude, he managed to skillfully alleviate tension and create a wonderful atmosphere. The film he crafted for us is simply stunning – exactly what we were looking for!
Megan and Tom
Added 23rd May 2022
Wedding 7th Jan 2022
Val is simply incredible. There are no words to describe his professionalism and creativity during the day. Our pictures are amazing and I cannot express enough what a wonderful memory he created for us.
Kiera & Chris
Added 23rd May 2022
Wedding 25th Dec 2021
I cannot say enough positive things about Waldemar Zukowski and MichaelBlack Film. We were blown away by their exceptional level of professionalism, care and talent. Our photos are like straight from a fashion magazine and video is like a professional Hollywood production !! We are truly overwhelmed with our experience with Waldemar and Michael. We HIGHLY recommend them!!!
Carol and Martin
Added 21st Mar 2022
Wedding 11th Dec 2021
We are extremely happy with our video and photos. From the moment we met Waldemar and Michael we knew we want them for our wedding. They were so easy and fun to work with, they made us laugh, guided us in a very comfortable way to get the best natural poses. I love the candid shots they got too. We definitely recommend Waldemar and Michael to anyone and everyone. We feel so lucky that we found them and we are looking forward to working with them in the future to capture more of our family’s special moments. The work they did is work is so unbelievably beautiful !
Added 27th Feb 2022
Wedding 20th Nov 2021
I was so delighted to have booked them. Always admired their work . My wedding photos and video was absolutely beautiful. I'm so grateful for these guys they really captured our love ?. Can't wait to use them again. Thank you so much
Added 12th May 2023
Wedding 2nd Sep 2021
Val is an amazing photographer and a true artist; we are absolutely delighted with the photos from our wedding. It was the best choice we could have made!
Edd Tobin-Smith
Added 2nd Sep 2021
Wedding 17th Aug 2021
Val and Michael, were a pleasure to have with us on our wedding day. Michael was cool and calm, and Val was all smiles and genuinely seemed to be enjoying everything! They work great as a team and they fluidly moved around the whole day capturing as much as they could with little to no impact on any part of the day! From start to finish we were delighted to have them both as the documentarians of our big day! My wife, whose incredibly camera shy felt comfortable all day! They both like to shoot what they see, but are happy to stage anything you wish! Cost wise they were exceptional value! Val sent us on some photos within a day or 2 and they were sensational and we look forward to recieving the rest of our photos/ album and the films Michael is working on! For something different... for something special... for something that highlights you... Book these guys asap! You will not be disappointed! Thank you both so much!! We hope you both had a great day too!
Added 23rd Sep 2021
Wedding 6th Aug 2021
Waldemar was a photographer on our wedding and he did amazing job. He was quick a professional. During the wedding he was barely noticeable which was great as he took some amazing photos. When we received all the photos from the wedding it was like reliving it again. Highly recommend! Great photos, very professional and great to work with.
Sarah Keo
Added 22nd Sep 2021
Wedding 6th Aug 2021
I can not recommend enough. Firstly, he saved my day as my photographer cancelled on us 3 weeks before our wedding - possibly a blessing in disguise. Secondly, he was reasonably priced, had a half day package for a fraction of the price others had qouted us. Thirdly, he was discrete on the day, almost blending in so we had some great natural photos. Lastly, but not least, he's very talented. He was quick getting each shot, gave us a little guidance how to pose and I couldn't be any happier with our photos. Really captured the atmosphere and romance of our big day. 1000% reccomend to everyone.
Added 2nd Sep 2021
Wedding 21st Jul 2021
I can highly recommend Waldemar . He is so discrete and professional. Our images are breath taking .
Carol and Noel
Added 16th May 2023
Wedding 7th Jul 2021
Working with Val was an absolute pleasure. During our wedding day, Val was incredibly discreet and professional. The photos he took for us are beautiful and artistic, perfectly capturing both the touching moments and the fun times with friends. We couldn't be happier – Val is simply an outstanding photographer.
Added 22nd May 2023
Wedding 6th Jun 2021
Val was an absolute delight to work with, right from the very start. His responsiveness to emails and readiness to clarify any doubts we had in the lead-up to the big day reassured us that we were in capable and dependable hands. On the day itself, Val demonstrated not just professionalism but also a knack for making us feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. It's a testament to his unobtrusive approach that he seamlessly captured all the precious moments without us even noticing. Val's style of photography perfectly resonated with what we were seeking. His keen eye for detail and his talent for encapsulating the raw emotions and candid moments of our wedding day are clearly reflected in the high-quality photos we received. Every picture is a masterpiece in its own right, and we find ourselves struggling to choose which ones to include in the album because we simply adore all of them! My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Val to any couple planning their wedding. His exceptional service and the outstanding quality of his work will not disappoint. We extend our sincere thanks to Val for helping make our wedding day unforgettable. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Thank you once again, Val!
Added 29th Sep 2020
Wedding 19th Sep 2020
We got married on 19th September, after 3 date changes and a venue change, Waldemar was always available and flexible for us. On the day he was discrete and always there to capture the special moments. The pictures we have back so far are amazing and we cannot wait for the album. He was a pleasure to work with and we would be happy to recommend him
Ça??l ?lçe
Added 28th Aug 2020
Wedding 7th Aug 2020
Waldemar and Michael are great photographers, there were very kind and helpful on the day of our civil registry ceremony. He was very open to try new ideas and edit them perfectly!
Added 14th May 2023
Wedding 27th Dec 2019
Working with Val was a genuine pleasure from the very beginning. From our first interaction, we knew we could count on his support and guidance throughout the wedding planning process. On the day of our wedding, not only did Val demonstrate exceptional communication skills, but he also managed to be incredibly discreet, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the moment. The photos he took are simply breathtaking, and we were particularly captivated by the stunning group shots. Val has an uncanny ability to capture the most emotional moments during the ceremony and speeches, providing us with priceless memories that we will treasure for a lifetime. We couldn't be more satisfied with our decision to work with Val. He is, without a doubt, the best choice for anyone seeking a talented, dedicated, and discreet wedding photographer.
Added 16th May 2023
Wedding 10th Nov 2019
Val demonstrated exceptional professionalism and excellent organization during our wedding. He took beautiful photos for us, which we are extremely pleased with. We highly recommend him!
Linda + Steve
Added 25th May 2020
Wedding 15th Sep 2019
An excellent service from a very professional person who knows exactly what works best. He made our day a memory in pictures we can never forget. Top top photographer!
Added 14th May 2023
Wedding 8th Jul 2019
Working with Vale was a real pleasure. From the very first moment, we could count on his help and advice. During the wedding day, he communicated excellently with the staff and other wedding service providers, and when we asked him to stay a bit longer, there was no problem at all. The photos he took for us are simply wonderful. We couldn't be more satisfied!
Chris and Amy
Added 13th May 2023
Wedding 5th Apr 2019
We are impressed with the quality of the photos we received. Val is a true artist, and we highly recommend him to anyone who values beautiful, artistic, and natural wedding shots!
Kelly and Evan
Added 10th May 2023
Wedding 5th Apr 2019
We had the immense pleasure of having Val as our wedding photographer at Kilronan Castle. From the very beginning, Val's professionalism, attentiveness, and passion for his craft were evident. On our wedding day, Val was incredibly discreet, allowing us to fully enjoy every moment without any disruption. He skillfully navigated the venue, capturing both candid moments and stunning portraits that truly encapsulate the essence of our special day. When we received our wedding photographs, we were absolutely blown away by the beauty and quality of the images. Val's attention to detail and artistic vision shine through in every shot, providing us with memories that we will cherish forever.
Added 17th May 2023
Wedding 6th Aug 2018
I was asked to write a short review for Val, and I'm doing so with genuine pleasure. Val is not only a true professional but also a photographic artist. The photos he took during our wedding are simply wonderful. Even though it's been 5 years since our wedding, we often open our wedding album and revisit that special day with great emotion. We highly recommend Val if you're looking for an excellent wedding photographer.
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