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Wedding Sales Summit

Tuesday 8th October 2024 – Venue: Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel & Spa

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About The Wedding Sales Summit

Tuesday 8th October 2024, Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel & Spa, Adare

This year we will be looking at:

Where’s the friction in your sales process?

As a customer, it’s easy to see where companies make it hard for us to do business with them. Can you see where you’re making it difficult for your couples? Do you know how you may be chasing away good prospects because of extra steps or friction? Come to this session and see how your customer experience may be hurting you, rather than helping.

What you’ll hear:

– 5 ways you’re creating friction in your sales process

– 3 ways you’re creating friction on your website

– Friction reduction tips everyone can use

If you don’t ask, the answer is always No!

Do you love doing weddings more than you love selling them? You’re not alone. The events industry is filled with creative people who love providing amazing results for your couples. The problem is that the skills needed to do events are not the same as the ones needed to sell them. Come to this session and hear:

– Why you need to stop selling and start helping the buy

– Why you should be assuming the sale, right from the enquiry

– How to ask better questions which will help you sell more

Alan provides fast, workable, solutions for you to implement in your business the same day.  He also gives me the confidence to continue in business, and the self belief that anything is possible.
Gerry O’Carroll (Photographer, Waterford)

Engaging, energetic, enlightening and encouraging! He knows our business and what we are trying to achieve. We came away with lots of inspiring ideas for grasping the opportunities and overcoming the challenges facing us, including some really helpful suggestions for improving our website which we are currently implementing.
Eamon Crosby (The Bentley Boys, Dublin, Galway)
Book Now - Just €199 + VAT



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Pamela Kiely

Alan Berg

Kelly Hartmann

Jonathan Bryans



Registration Tea & Coffee


Where’s the friction in your sales process? - Alan Berg

Making it easier for people to do business with you

Tea & Coffee Break

Content Marketing for Businesses - Pamela Kiely

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for your business


Reels and TikToks - A Winning Formula To Grow Your Wedding Business -  Kelly Hartmann

How to succeed in social


If you don’t ask, the answer is always No! - Alan Berg

Why you should be assuming the sale, right from the enquiry

Ask The Experts - hosted by Jonathan Bryans



I attended my first Conference in Clontarf Castle, Dublin on Monday and will really never forget it! Amazing speakers with such passion and motivation. Catrine and I learned so much and returned to our store today full of enthusiasm and new ideas. We really enjoyed our chat in the lobby after the Awards Ceremony and practised all the way home in the car (2 hours) our conversation relating to receiving the phone call from bride re dress price! Hope you enjoyed your game of golf. Thanks again for the really wonderful presentations.
Maria & Catrine (My Dress, Ireland.)


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