We are delighted to announce that our Charity partner for the 2020 weddingsonline Awards is The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.

The charity was set up in 1997 by Jonathan Irwin and his wife Mary Ann O’Brien (founder Lily O’Brien’s chocolates), in memory of their son Jack who suffered a brain trauma shortly after birth that left him developmentally delayed and shattered the dreams and hopes of his parents. However, despite the medical advice at that time that there was no support for Jack outside of the hospital, the family brought Jack home and cobbled together a homecare plan with the help of five local nurses from their neighbourhood. Baby Jack lived at home for 22 months and died on 13th December 1997 in the arms of his favourite nurse, having taught his family and friends what the best homecare looks like and how short lives can have such a long lasting impact. His parents vowed that no other family would have to walk this difficult care journey alone and the Jack & Jill Foundation became the pathway from hospital to homecare through Jack’s legacy. Jack’s homecare plan was the blueprint for the Jack & Jill Foundation’s unique model of child and family centred care that gives the parent carer a break from the intensive home care regime required for a child like Jack and since then over 2,400 precious children and their families have been supported by the Foundation.