10 Fun Questions To Ask Your Wedding Guests

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You’ve got the drinks. You’ve got the entertainment. You’ve got the nibbles. Do you want to add another touch of fun to your wedding day? It’s so easy – and hardly costs anything at all. Ask them some questions for a lovely, sweet and fun way to get them involved. It’s also a fabulous alternative to a guestbook or table trivia.

All you need is paper and pens, or crayons, markers or pencils if you’re asking them to draw something. You can ask them to answer the question in the guest book – and if you get a smaller book, it’ll be easy to pass it around once the guests sit down. Or, you can put loose pages at each table. You can pre-print them with a single question, or as many questions as you like, or leave them blank and just make an announcement asking the guests to join in. If you go for the loose paper option, you can personalise it to match your table numbers or place cards. You can also use bulk-bought greeting cards that are blank on both sides – these come in all colours of the rainbow, so are easy to match to your colours. To collect, you can ask the guests to deposit them into your card box, or assign a bridesmaid to collect them all at some point during the reception. Once it’s all done, you can paste all the messages into a guestbook or a scrapbook, for a beautiful memento.

Here are some of the best questions to ask your wedding guests:

1. Where do you see us in 10 or 20 years? What a wonderful question – and we bet some of the answers will surprise you! You and your beloved have future dreams of your own, and you’ll love finding out what others think.

2. What is the best marriage advice you can give us? Everyone you’ve invited has some words of wisdom. Some will be simple, like ‘remember to laugh together’. Others will tell you some deep truths you hadn’t thought of before. If you love inspirational quotes, this one’s for you.

3. How should we celebrate our 1st anniversary? We guarantee someone will suggest that one thing you haven’t thought of before that’ll be just perfect. Just imagine the fun you’ll have reading all those ideas and choosing your favourite one!

4. What is your best advice for us as parents? The greatest parenting wisdom doesn’t always come from highly educated experts – it comes from real parents who have been through it themselves. This is the sort of advice you can keep forever, it never gets old, and will come in handy when you’re a family (or if you are already – you can never get enough wisdom!).

5. Draw a portrait of yourself/a picture of us. Here’s where markers, crayons or coloured pencils come in handy – and who said drawing is for kids? Adults seldom get to do this kind of thing, and even if they can’t draw a stick man, so what? When you collect all of these pictures you can paste them into a special book that’ll make you laugh every time you open it.


Image from Nicola & Niall’s real wedding by DKPhoto

6. What should we do during our first year as a married couple? Everyone, not just newlyweds, puts stuff off for ‘later’. But, we bet your guests have some great ideas on the things you should do to make that first year as memorable as possible.

7. What will you remember most about our wedding day? We’re willing to bet a 3-tier wedding cake that the top answer will have something to do with the ceremony. Or maybe not? That’s the beautiful thing about a wedding… everyone takes a different part of it to heart, and it’s lovely to know what it is.

8. What makes people fall in love with each other over and over again? Ah, this is a little philosophical, but so very important! We bet you’ll get some really good heart-felt advice here.

9. What is the most romantic place you’ve been to that we should visit? This could easily sort out all your future anniversaries! Don’t know where to go or what to do? All you have to do is look at what the guests wrote. You’ll probably have as many different suggestions as the number of guests you’ve invited.

10. What should we do every day as a married couple? We guarantee you’ll get some funny suggestions here, in addition to really good ones. It’s the little things you do every day that keep the magic alive throughout the years.

If you have any other questions you think would be great to ask the guests, leave us a comment below!