Wedding Wednesdays: How To Get Legally Married in Ireland, Part One [Episode Nine]

Today’s episode is much-anticipated! Alongside special guests, Louise Bradshaw and Romy McAuley, we answer all your questions about getting legally married in Ireland. There’s lots to digest, so feel free to bookmark this page so you can come back to it. Read More »


Wedding Wednesdays: Save or Splurge? Wedding Budget Tips! [Episode Eight]

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. The real secret is that it’s possible to save money in areas that matter less to you! Today we’re breaking it down for you on just where to save or splurge. Read More »

Wedding Wednesdays: How To Make Things Easy On Your Bridesmaids [Episode Seven]

There are a few really simple things you can do to take care of your bridesmaids and show appreciation for them. Want to make things easy on your bridesmaids? Then listen to this week’s podcast episode! Read More »


Wedding Wednesdays: How To Plan The Most Fun Wedding Ever! [Episode Six]

All weddings are fun, but there’s a way to make yours memorable! If you want to plan the most fun wedding ever, then set yours apart by injecting a little personality and thought into every aspect.  Read More »

Wedding Wednesdays: Mistakes Couples Make While Wedding Planning [Episode Five]

We’ve identified a few common mistakes couples make while wedding planning! In this week’s episode, we’ve listed these mistakes and we’re sharing how to avoid them.  Read More »


Wedding Wednesdays: How To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony [Episode Four]

Join Kelly and guest expert, Olivia Romeo, as they talk about how to personalise your wedding ceremony with some creative and brilliant ideas! Read More »

Wedding Wednesdays: Creating A Wedding Budget [Episode Three]

In order to work out what your wedding budget is and how you want to divide it up, there are seven questions you can ask. In this episode, we go through all seven questions and help you work out what your priorities are! Read More »