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With our ever growing and renewing wedding community, we’ve been able to provide the best information on the latest wedding trends to our colleagues in the media. From regular coverage of the weddingsonline Awards to discussing the best wedding favours on Ireland AM, sharing our latest Wedding Survey stats with the likes of The Irish Independent, and and various interviews with national and international newspapers, we’re delighted to be thought of as one of the country’s leading authorities on all things wedding.

10 Amazing Wedding Destinations in


17th May 2018

This Cork hotel has been voted the top

wedding venue of the year!

21st February 2018

This is the Irish wedding venue of the year,

as chosen by couples

20th February 2018

Revealed: Wedding venue of the year

announced at top industry event

20th February 2018

Revealed: Ireland's top wedding venues 

and suppliers are announced

20th February 2018

Irish couples' most popular honeymoon

destination has been revealed

3rd February 2018

This is the average amount Irish couples

spend on an engagement ring

1st February 2018

Here's how much the average Irish bride

spends on her wedding dress

1st February 2018

So, this is how much average Irish

couples spend on their wedding

1st February 2018

Revealed! This is how much Irish

couples spent on their weddings in 2018

1st February 2018

THIS is how much on average Irish couples

spend on their wedding day

31st January 2018

What is the average amount spent

on a wedding in Ireland?

31st January 2018

The average amount of money Irish couples

spend on their weddings has been revealed

31st January 2018

The winners of the weddingsonline

Awards have been revealed! 

22nd February 2017

REVEALED: The very best wedding
venues in Ireland

21st February 2017

The best wedding venues in Ireland 

have been revealed

21st February 2017

The Average Cost of an Irish Wedding
Has Been Revealed and It's Huge

31st January 2017

The average amount of money Irish couples 

spend on their big day has been revealed

31st January 2017

Average Irish Wedding Now
Costing Couples €22531
28th January 2016

The Top Irish Wedding Venues For 2016 
Have Been Named

16th February 2016

The average total budget for an Irish
wedding has been revealed
25th January 2016

Irish couples are spending over
€22,000 on their weddings as big
budgets rise
25th January 2016
Ireland AM Favours

Wedding Favours
20th July 2015

Survey Reveals How Much The 

Average Irish Wedding Costs

25th January 2016

This is the Real Cost of Attending a
Wedding in Ireland
19th May 2015

Going to a wedding? It could cost
you a whopping €800
19th May 2015

Planning your dream Wedding?
These are the Irish award-winning
suppliers you need to know
17th February 2015

The Do's and Don'ts of 
Wedding etiquette
14th May 2015

Return of the big fat Irish
wedding: Is the big day
really worth €25k?
10th January 2015

Armada Hotel named Irish 
Wedding Venue of the year.
17th February 2015

Interfering families top
day regrets
14th January 2015

Would you pay this much for
your big day? 
Study shows
the real cost of an Irish wedding.
13th January 2015

weddingsonline Awards 2014
11th February 2014

Irish weddings cost couples more than
€21,000 on average
14th January 2015

Wedding Cost Saving Tips
13th February 2014                       

10 Cute Little Ways to Help you
say I Do to a
Low Cost Wedding
9th February 2014

The Average Cost of a Wedding   
in 2014
21st January 2014

The Merits of Private Venues
18th January 2014

The Rules of Engagement 
22nd October 2013

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March 2013

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March 2011

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February 2011