8 Stunning Donegal Venues To Discover

County Donegal is one of the most spectacular counties in Ireland and the start of the Wild Atlantic Way. Breathtaking scenery and costal vistas, lakes, mountains, culture and heritage make Donegal a very popular choice for wedding couples. If you’re feeling drawn to this beautiful part of Ireland for your wedding or elopement, today we’re sharing eight incredible venues around Donegal that will make your day one to remember!

We Love These Award-Winning Irish Wedding Venues

What’s one thing that makes a venue stand out from the rest? The awards! These award-winning Irish wedding venues have proven that they are the cream of the crop. 

7 Stunning Northern Venues To Consider

Today we’re heading North to share seven fabulous venues from castles to garden pavillions – whatever your preferred style we hope these amazing destinations inspire your wedding day!

The Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues In Ireland

Sustainability conscious couples, this one’s for you! Wedding venues all over Ireland are making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint. From minimising waste generation to using solar energy and prioritising locally-sourced seasonal produce, these venues are going all out. Take a look at this list of the best eco-friendly wedding venues in Ireland and exactly what they are doing to save the planet! 

What Type Of Wedding Venue Are You Looking For?

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to start planning your wedding and what better place to start than with your wedding venue!

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What To Do Once You’ve Booked Your Wedding Venue

Choosing, confirming and then booking your wedding venue is a huge task, so well done for completing it! Now you’ve set the wheels in motion and you’ll be able to get more tasks done. You now know when and where you are hosting your Big Day – woohoo – so decision-making should come much easier now! Wondering what to do once you’ve booked your wedding venue? This is it:

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Our Favourite Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues in Ireland

If you’re looking for ways to include your furry friend in your Big Day, then this is for you! We’re listing our favourite dog-friendly wedding venues in Ireland – and boy, you are in for a treat. There are lots of gorgeous wedding venues that will go out of their way to include your dog in your paw-fect day. Whether it be by allowing your dog to walk you down the aisle and then explore the grounds afterwards, or offering complimentary doggy treats and water bowls… these venues are going all out! 

Wedding Wednesday: How To Find Your Dream Wedding Venue [Episode 95]

Want to find your dream wedding venue? It’s literally the biggest decision you’ll make while planning your wedding. Go through these steps and check out the most mind-blowing tool that will spare you from hours on Google!

WOL Loves: Six Unusual Ceremony Spaces In Ireland (That’ll WOW!)

Your ceremony is the nuts and bolts of the day, the time when magic really does happen and moments you will remember forever, happen. Hosting your ceremony, surrounded by your closets family and friends deserves a memorable space.

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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue – Our Nifty Checklist

If you are newly engaged, you’ve probably begun your hunt to find the perfect wedding venue. Part of this entails asking all the right questions. So we have created a detailed list of all the questions to ask your wedding venue before and during your venue visit.

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Five Venues To Host A Barn Wedding In Ireland

So you fancy throwing a barn wedding in Ireland? With unique decor that will wow your guests, barn venues are so popular and we can see why. Many offer the option of adding your own personality to create a bespoke and romantic atmosphere for your special day. Here are five brilliant venues to get you started on your search… 

Get Married At One Of These Award-Winning Wedding Venues

One of the best ways to know if a venue is a step above the rest is to see if they’ve won any awards! Award-winning wedding venues have been recognised in the industry for their hard work and excellent service. 

Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Venue? Here’s How To Choose!

Are you trying to decide between an indoor or outdoor wedding venue? When it comes to choose between the two, there’s a lot to consider!

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Is Your Wedding Venue ‘The One’? Here’s How You Know!

If you’re not sure where to start, this list will give you an idea of what to look out for so you know when you’ve found The One!

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Choosing Your Wedding Venue: Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing your wedding venue is a big task and a super fun one too! There’s a lot to consider, so keep on reading to make sure you don’t make these wedding planning mistakes…

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Same Place or Two Venues?

Do you choose one wedding venue or two? There’s a lot to consider, and pros and cons to each option, so take a look below and decide what’s best for you. 

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WOL Loves: Atelier Pronovias

We’ve been sharing some of our favourite bridal designers latest offerings from Barcelona Bridal Week, and today is the turn of Atelier Pronovias Versalles collection.  Handmade by expert seamstresses in Barcelona, Atelier Pronovias gowns are created using the finest fabrics and

17 Locally Available Dreamy Dresses We’re Loving!

Don’t worry brides-to-be, today we’re here with the goods – 17 dreamy dresses to be exact! If bridal shopping is your number one hobby at the minute, let us give you a helping hand. We’ve been ding our own bridal

14 Award Winning Wedding Venues in Ireland

Today we want to show off our amazing award winning wedding venues from across Ireland. They are all gorgeous and have won the hearts of couples from around the country.

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Wedding Venues in Ireland: Different Types To Choose From!

Take a look at the types of venues in Ireland. There’s bound to be something on our list that you fall in love with!