Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue – Our Nifty Checklist

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If you are newly engaged, you’ve probably begun your hunt to find the perfect wedding venue. Part of this entails asking all the right questions. So we have created a detailed list of all the questions to ask your wedding venue before and during your venue visit.

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Ask these questions before you visit the venue

These questions will help you to determine if the venue meets the basic requirements. If the venue doesn’t fit into your budget, isn’t available on your wedding date or doesn’t match your guest list count, you can move on.

What is the total cost?

Ask about the fees in detail, including the deposit. Find out what is included in this total cost and what isn’t (such as staff fees, cleaning, room hire, etc).

Are you available on my date?

If you don’t have a set date, ask what other dates are available.

What is the venue’s capacity?

You want to make sure that your venue’s capacity matches your guest list count, or at least be willing to compromise.


Ask these questions at your venue tour

Booking details

How long can I provisionally hold the date for?

Some venues will allow you to keep the date for free, while others require a deposit or booking fee in order to secure the date. Look at the fine print and ask what your venue’s policy is.

When is the final payment due?

It might seem like your venue is out of your price range, but if you only need to pay the deposit first and then you can pay the rest in installments, it changes things.

What is the cancellation policy?

In the event that you may need to cancel, reschedule or postpone (hello global pandemic), find out what the policy is beforehand.

How many hours can we reserve the space for?

Also find out what time you’d be allowed to get access to the venue so you can plan your timeline for the day.

Will my wedding be the only wedding taking place at the venue?

In an ideal world, you’ll have exclusive use of your wedding venue. If that’s not possible, ask your venue how they handle multiple events on the same site.



Is there enough parking for all our guests?

If the answer is no, find out if there is a nearby car park for overflow.

What is the backup plan in case of rain?

Some venues have indoor options and beautiful photo opportunities.



Is there accommodation nearby (for venues that aren’t hotel)?

This could be a deciding factor for you, particularly if lots of guests are traveling far.

Is there a minimum stay requirement for guests booking rooms?

Make sure you’re familiar with the arrangements before blocking out rooms for guests.



Is there space for both of us to get ready on the day?

Find out if these spaces are included in your venue fees.

Is there a changeover plan from the ceremony setup to reception setup?

This is only important if you plan to use the same space or two spaces that are right next to each other.


Food and dining

Can we arrange food tasting beforehand? If so, is there a cost?

It’s not uncommon to want to taste the food and choose your menu.

What are the menu options and do you cater for vegetarians and vegans?

Include gluten-free, dairy-free and other possible allergies in your list too.

Do you have a food and beverage minimum?

And what are the consequences if you don’t meet this?

Is linen, crockery and glassware included in the cost?

And if not, what will these cost?

What size tables do you have and what do they look like?

Round or square? How many people can fit at each? What will the head table look like?



Is there space for a band or DJ?

Find out what time they can set up. It’s also important to find out if there is a noise limit or cut-off time.

What are the bar prices?

And if you aren’t planning on doing an open bar, ask if it’s cash only.

What time will our festivities need to conclude?

And ask if this time includes pack down time.



Do you have disabled access?

This includes entrances, as well as access to toilets. Keep your elderly guests in mind too, not just those who are disabled.

How many toilets are there?

You will need at least 4 toilets per 100 guests, if you don’t want there to be long queues.

Will there be a safe space to store gifts?

Make sure there’s somewhere safe to keep all your gifts on the day.

Does your venue include a sound system?

And if not, where could you rent this equipment?



Do you have a recommended list of suppliers we can look at?

This will be helpful to know which suppliers have worked at your venue before.

Can we use suppliers who aren’t on this list?

It’s helpful to know if you can bring in your own supplier dream team.



Will your staff be involved in setting up and taking down the decor?

And if so, in what capacity?

Will our point person on the day be the person we deal with during the planning?

And when can we meet this person?