Wedding Hashtags: How to Create One and What to Do With it

Make sure your guests are snap happy with a wedding hashtag… Read More »


Competitions on weddingsonline

Competitions are a very popular feature on WeddingsOnline and a great way to promote your business to our audience. Read More »

Your Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit

Giving little ’emergency bags’ to your bridesmaids is not just a nice touch, it’s also a very smart one – on your wedding day, you won’t be able to think about every last detail, but the bridesmaids will be prepared for every eventuality! If you are planning on doing up bags, here is an extensive list of items to put inside – and you can download it too, for your convenience! Read More »


10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself While Planning a Wedding

There are so many things to think about while planning a wedding, and so many questions to answer and decisions to make! In the whirlwind of it all, it’s sometimes easy to forget the real purpose of this special day, and why it truly matters. For brides-to-be new and nearly there, here are 10 important questions to ask yourself while planning a wedding. Read More »

Top 50 Reception Entrance Songs

We have a fantastic list of reception entrance songs for you to choose from for your big entrance… Read More »


How To Avoid Bridesmaid Difficulties

If you are gracefully sailing through your wedding planning without even a hiccup caused by your bridesmaids, consider yourself a very lucky bride indeed! If, however, you find yourself spending more time sorting out their issues than getting support in return, something is definitely not right. Here’s how to deal with the top 5 problems your bridesmaids may cause. Read More »

10 Things to Look Forward to AFTER the Wedding

It’s easy to get carried away with the big day and all that it entails, but the point of it all is that you and your other half are declaring a life-time love for each other that will go on way after the last of the centerpieces has been cleared away. You might not think it now as you’re in the throws of planning mayhem, but there is SO much to look forward to after the big day has been and gone (not to mention your 40th anniversary!) Here are the things to look forward to 12 months after your wedding day. Main image by Rory O’Toole. Read More »

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