Songs To Play When The Groom Walks Down The Aisle

This list includes something for everything, but with one thing in mind: celebrating the moment the groom walks down the aisle. Read More »


Have You Considered a Full Night Wedding DJ?

If you are deciding between an band and an all night DJ – both options are great! Read More »

Nervous About Your First Dance? Do This!

If you’re feeling a little nervous about your First Dance at your wedding, we’ve got you covered. Please know that you aren’t alone. So many couples feel the pressure to make this moment special for everyone. Read More »


Surprise Your Guests With Something Unexpected

There are key moments where you can surprise your guests with something unexpected! We’re talking about unique and surprising wedding day entertainment that nobody will see coming! Read More »

Add This To Your Wedding Playlist: Songs From Bridgerton

These songs from Bridgerton will fit right into your dinner music, adding a modern and romantic feel to the day! Read More »


How To Ease Your First Dance Nerves

If you’ve got First Dance nerves, read this to see how you can feel confident and relaxed leading up to the big moment.  Read More »

Double The Fun: Day Two Entertainment Ideas

Why just have the craic on your wedding day when you can do it the next day too?  If you’re planning a memorable day two these five entertainers will be just the ticket!  Brendan Melia Folk Singer I am a … Read More »

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