Here’s How Real Couples Entertained Their Guests At The Wedding

I just love looking at real wedding stories! You get a great glimpse into the choices real couples have made. It’s like a real life Pinterest board, with all the gorgeous photos to show off the style, theme, flowers, colours and more. It’s also a brilliant way to see how real couples entertained their guests at the wedding and what worked well! 

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Beautiful Mother-Son Dance Songs For The Special Moment

Whenever the couple gets to honour their parents in some way, we just feel all the feels. So today we are listing our favourite mother-son dance songs.

Creative Ways To Surprise Your Wedding Guests

If you are looking for ways to surprise your wedding guests, then you’re in the right place! You don’t have to go crazy or spend all your money to plan a memorable wedding. Sometimes all you’ve got to do is incorporate some exciting entertainment that guests aren’t expecting. Keep them on their toes, get them laughing and smiling, and find ways to immerse them in an activity. They’ll be absolutely delighted!

Do You Need A Wedding MC?

If you’re putting together the details of your wedding reception party, you’re probably wondering if you need a wedding MC! We’re here to clear things up, demystify the role and share your options. Featured image credit: Renata Dapsyte   What

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Songs From Bridgerton: The Perfect Wedding Playlist

These songs from Bridgerton will fit right into your dinner music, adding a modern and romantic feel to the day!

SOS: How Do I Keep The Kids Entertained At My Wedding?

Don’t forget the little guests! If you are having a child-friendly wedding, you’ve probably asked how to keep the kids entertained. The good news is that there are some fabulous ways you can give extra special treatment to the kids, so they have the best time!

WOL Loves: 18 Alternative Entertainment Ideas

Aside from the love of the day and the full bellies your guests will be expecting, keeping them entertained and having fun is a priority! What you need is exciting, and sometimes unexpected, entertainment to keep the party in full swing. That’s where we come in – today we’re sharing 17 alternative entertainment ideas that will add extra LOL’s to the day – and even keep the smallest guests happy!

WOL Loves: Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

Personally I love a wee wedding keepsake; the Mass booklet or name setting are high on my keep list but you can’t beat a unique wedding favour that reminds of the best days craic! Today we have four Irish companies who offer fabulous favour ideas, to give your day the edge…

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Treats To Serve At Your Wedding – For Couples With A Sweet Tooth

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there are so many ways you can include your favourite snacks in your Big Day. I always recommend that you select your favourite treats to serve at your wedding. It may be sweets, donuts, chocolate or ice-cream – whatever you like! Guests love the interactive aspect of a chocolate fountain or candy buffet.

WOL Loves: 33 Female Singers Share Their Favourite Ceremony Songs

The addition of live music will transform your wedding ceremony – believe me, it adds that extra special touch of atmosphere to the event and will bring many of your guests to tears! Today we are delighted to present no less than 30 incredible female artists from across Ireland as they share their favourite ceremony songs to perform. 

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Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Music – Destination Weddings in Italy

If you are getting married in Italy and want to know about your wedding music options, then take a look at this!

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First Dance Songs: The Popular & The Unique

Your first dance is a pretty big moment. We know lots of couples feel the pressure to make it special and enjoy it – not everyone loves dancing whilst their guests watch! Today we have asked our very talented bunch of wedding bands to share their most popular and unique first dance songs with us. There’s lots to get through and plenty to inspire you, so grab a cuppa and relax into the beats… 

Memorable Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Adore

If you are looking for ways to blow your guests’ minds, then you’re in the right place! You don’t have to go crazy or spend all your money to plan a memorable wedding. Sometimes all you’ve got to do is incorporate some exciting entertainment that guests aren’t expecting. Keep them on their toes, get them laughing and smiling, and find ways to immerse them in an activity. They’ll be absolutely delighted! 

Make Your Wedding Child Friendly

Although the wedding day will likely whizz by in a flash for you, it can be a long, and dare we say it, boring day for children! If you’re having little guests attend, or even you own kids, it’s a good idea to have some kind of entertainment or childcare in place to ensure they have a brilliant time, and you get peace to enjoy it. 

Your Guide To Wedding Lawn Games

I love it when couples go out of their way to entertain their guests! There are plenty of ways to keep guests happy and in good spirits – food and drinks being two of them. Another option is to incorporate lawn games into your festivities! 

6 Ways To Keep The Dance Floor Full At Your Wedding

It’s an art to fill a dance floor and to keep it full, ensuring that the party goes on throughout the night. If this is a big priority for you, then take a look at these 6 brilliant ways to keep the dance floor full at your wedding:

Must-Have Wedding Accessories And Where To Get Them

These must-have wedding accessories are the cherry on top of the beautiful wedding you are planning! If you are looking for fun and interactive experiences for your guests, then you’ve found a selection to choose from. 

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150 Perfect Songs For Your Wedding

Stuck for wedding songs? We’ve gathered 150 perfect songs for your wedding. So whether you’re looking for something to walk down the aisle to or the perfect tune to play at the very end of your wedding, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered! 

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How To Elevate Your Irish Wedding

We hear lots of chat from couples about creating an unforgettable, elevated wedding day for their guests – but how do you really elevate your day? Maybe it’s the decor choices you make? The Food you choose to serve? The overall vibe of the day? All these things can play a huge part in the memories you and your guests take from your wedding. Today we’ve got five ideas that will help create an amazing guest experience and elevate your day to lofty heights! 

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10 Important Questions To Ask Your DJ

The number one sign of a great wedding reception is a packed dance floor! Fun times happen and many happy memories are made on the dance floor of a great wedding party. But how do you get a packed dance floor? You choose the right wedding DJ for your crowd – simple!