Add This To Your Wedding Playlist: Songs From Bridgerton

These songs from Bridgerton will fit right into your dinner music, adding a modern and romantic feel to the day! Read More »


How To Ease Your First Dance Nerves

If you’ve got First Dance nerves, read this to see how you can feel confident and relaxed leading up to the big moment.  Read More »

Double The Fun: Day Two Entertainment Ideas

Why just have the craic on your wedding day when you can do it the next day too?  If you’re planning a memorable day two these five entertainers will be just the ticket!  Brendan Melia Folk Singer I am a … Read More »


How To Keep Kids Entertained At A Wedding

If you’re having nightmares about little ones screaming, running around and throwing tantrums, you will love today’s post. We’ve listed some fantastic ways to keep kids entertained at a wedding.  Read More »

Our List of the Happiest Wedding Songs

Here’s our list of the happiest wedding songs! They’ll have your guests on the dancefloor in no time! Read More »


The Ultimate Mr & Mrs Questions (Including Mr & Mr and Mrs & Mrs)

Put the newlyweds to the test with these Mr & Mrs Questions (and Mr & Mr and Mrs & Mrs options too)! Read More »

BTS: Instant Camera Fun

It’s likely you will spend lots of time deciding how to style and decorate your wedding day into a unique celebration for you and your guests. From incredible outfits to fancy florals, the prettiest cake and memorable food choices, you … Read More »

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