6 Ways To Keep The Dance Floor Full At Your Wedding


Take a moment to picture your wedding. You might envision all your loved ones cheering for you as you are pronounced married. Perhaps you’ve got a clear picture in your mind of the delicious meal you’ll all share together. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of having the perfect wedding party with an incredible band and DJ. Well, if that’s you and you want to keep the dance floor full at your wedding, keep on reading.

It’s an art to fill a dance floor and to keep it full, ensuring that the party goes on throughout the night. If this is a big priority for you, then take a look at these 6 brilliant ways to keep the dance floor full at your wedding:

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Get your guests to stand around the dance floor

Your First Dance is a key moment when it comes to filling your dance floor. During your First Dance, you have several options for where guests will be:

  • Guests could remain seated and watch your First Dance from their assigned table.
  • They could stand at or near their table.
  • Best option: Have your guests stand around the dance floor.

Here’s why this works: it’s about 100 times easier to get your guests onto the dance floor if they’re already standing right there.

So, while you’re having a special First Dance moment, your guests will be standing around the dance floor, watching.


Choose your songs wisely

Specifically, the songs you play immediately after your First Dance have the potential to fill the dance floor. You want to choose songs that guests simply cannot resist dancing to!

A couple of examples:

  • Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon
  • Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs
  • Mr Brightside – The Killers

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Introduce fun dance floor “rules”

To keep your guests on the dance floor, you’ve got to create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Here are some “rules” (but not really), to help give your guests permission to relax and have fun:

  • Dance-offs are encouraged
  • We want to see your crazy moves

They obviously aren’t rules, but they’ll help your guests to go a little crazy and have the best time!


Consider the layout

If you are having multiple entertainment options, then sometimes having different rooms or spaces to host each option in is your best bet. For example, you could have a photo booth in one space, a guest book in another, a BBQ outside, dancing inside, and so on.

If dancing is your priority and you want everybody on the dance floor, then you want to have your dance floor in full view so everyone can see it! Make it easy for guests to hear the songs, watch all the fun and come along to join in. When they see and hear others having an amazing time, they’ll want to hop on the dance floor immediately.


Get interactive

Let’s face it, dancing isn’t for everyone. To make it easier for your guests to relax and let loose, you’ve got to be interactive.

How about some props? Things like inflatable guitars and glow sticks work well.

Speak with your band about incorporating your guests into the performance. It might mean getting the band to start a train, where they grab guests from all over the venue and get them dancing.


Hire the right entertainment

In Ireland, you’ve got plenty of options at your disposal. You could hire a band, a DJ or both! You might want to work with a brilliant MC who can help get the party started and keep your guests having fun all night.

Consider your priorities and select the entertainment style that works best for you.

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