Irish Couples Getting Married Abroad – Everything You Need to Know

What do you do if you’re getting married abroad? Each country has its own rules and regulations so it can be very complicated, especially if there’s a language barrier.  Read More »


Celebrants and Solemnisers – What Do They Do?

Have you ever wondered what celebrants and solemnisers do? There is a difference between the types of people who can legally marry you and those who can host a non-legally-binding ceremony. Read More »

Our Favourite Outdoor Ceremony Spaces

Today we are celebrating our favourite outdoor ceremony spaces! All across Ireland, you’ll find beautiful spots to say ‘I do’. No matter how you would describe your wedding style, there’s something here for everyone… Read More »


Wedding Traditions You Can Ditch (if you want to!)

When it comes to weddings, there are very few things that you have to do. Today I’d like to break the myth about three wedding traditions that you can totally ditch (if you want to!). Read More »

How to Register Intent to Marry in Ireland

A helpful checklist of what to do to register intent to marry in Ireland. Read More »


10 Fun & Energetic Just Married Songs

Your walk up the aisle will likely be accompanied by a soft and romantic song, possibly acoustic or orchestral. Your walk back down the aisle as a married couple should, on the other hand, be full of celebration and a … Read More »

Real Wedding Vows Examples to Steal

Take a peek at our wedding vows examples below and feel free to plagiarise!  Read More »

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