Wedding Celebrants Answer All Your Wedding Ceremony Questions

I spoke with our fabulous wedding celebrants and solemnisers to get the inside scoop. Take a look at your frequently asked questions, along with their expert tips and detailed answers. Read More »


Here’s What Real Life Couples Loved About Their Wedding Ceremony

Wondering which moments will stand out? Take a look at what these real life couples had to say about their wedding ceremony. Read More »

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony Script Ideas We Love

Things like “I now pronounce you man and wife” only make sense for some couples. We’ve gathered some beautiful same sex wedding ceremony script ideas to suit all couples. Read More »


Humanist Weddings – What Are They & Why Have One?

There are so many different types of wedding ceremonies and ways to celebrate your wedding! You’ll see lots of beautiful humanist weddings here on weddingsonline and you might be wondering what they are. Read More »

Documents You Need For Your HSE Appointment

Today we’re sharing a list of the documents you’ll need for your HSE appointment when registering intent to marry! Read More »


Creative Ways To Include Your Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

Your little ones will feel so special being a part of your wedding ceremony and the rest of your guests are guaranteed to shed a tear or two! Read More »

Irish Wedding Blessings and Prayers for Your Big Day

Whether you are after a special addition to your ceremony or a short and sweet toast, these Irish wedding blessings will melt hearts.  Read More »

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