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WOL Loves: Cheerful Buttonholes for Summer Grooms

The buttonhole is a tiny piece of art that will finish off the grooms look, they’re small but pack a punch! Usually created using flowers to match the bouquet, buttonholes can be finished in lots of different ways including twine for a rustic look, velvet for a touch of luxury and silk ribbon for the ultimate elegant feel. 

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7 Groom Styling Tips for the Perfect Autumn Wedding

At Dorian Black, we specialize in curating the perfect fit for grooms and their groomsmen, ensuring everyone looks their best on this special day. Here are our top tips and advice for autumn weddings, with a focus on suiting and styling.

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WOL Loves: Alternative Stag Ideas With Yoga Parties

Whilst yoga and stag party might sound like an unlikely paring to begin with we bet there are lots of grooms who are in tune with their wellness – a happy healthy groom is the best kind of groom!  Today

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WOL Loves: Summer Suit Styling For The Guys

Summer wedding season 2024 is just about to kick off and today we’re having a look at what’s on trend for the guys, and it seems the classic and timeless tux is proving most popular. 

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How to Choose Grooms Wedding Attire

Today we hope to share tips on how to choose your wedding attire. The days of a simple black suit and tie are long gone, thankfully! These days grooms bring so much style and personality to the day, and it’s only right – it’s your day to shine too! 

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Five Super Stylish Grooms From 2023 Weddings

These long and relaxing days between Christmas and New Year are the perfect time to begin your wedding day style inspiration, today it’s the turn of the stylish grooms. We can’t wait to see what you choose to wear on your special day – these five guys are a great place to begin your research! 

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Why Autumn and Tweed Suits Make the Perfect Match for Your Wedding

Today, we’re joined by Kevin who has assisted couples for years as they choose their perfect wedding suits at Dorian Black. Take a look at he shares with you his own wedding journey thus far and why he’s decided to get married outside of the usual summer months (setting aside the costs!). After reading, maybe you will consider tying the knot in the magical seasons of autumn, adorned in a classic tweed suit.

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WOL Loves: Super Smart Grooms Shoes

It’s not always budget friendly to purchase the guys the same shoes, but many suit suppliers now offer rental options, or they could be their thank you gift – a generous gesture and you win with fabulous grooms party footwear! Today we’ve got lots of super stylish footwear ideas to make sure your guys are looking great from the ground up! 

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10 Great Opening Lines For The Groom & Best Man Speeches

There’s nothing worse than trying to write your special speech but all you’re getting is a blank page and an empty mind! We definitely think it’s the opening lines that are the hardest, after that speak from the heart and you’ll be grand. But, those tricky opening words, should they be funny, sentimental or a mix of both?

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WOL Loves: Boys In Blue

A blue suit, in any shade, is a great summer choice for grooms who love effortless style. From lightweight linen to wool blends, the fabric and colour choices available are huge across Ireland. Today we’re sharing lots of boys in blue from our fabulous selection of grooms retailers.

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16 Looks For Grooms In 2023

It’s time to get the grooms looking dapper for their big day! If you’re looking for some wedding outfit inspiration for the man in your life, you’ve landed at the right place – today we’re sharing 16 looks for the groom in 2023, all from amazing local recommended suppliers. 

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Songs To Play When The Groom Walks Down The Aisle

This list includes something for everything, but with one thing in mind: celebrating the moment the groom walks down the aisle.

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WOL Loves: Grooms in Bow Ties

I’m a huge lover of grooms in a bow tie! Not only are they incredibly stylish, opt for a zesty print and you’ll immediately add lots of personality to your wedding day look. Today we’ve got eight fab bow tie

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11 Places To Shop For Amazing Groomswear

It’s not just the girls who deserve a great wedding shopping experience, the grooms should too! Today we’re sharing 11 fabulous groomswear stores from across Ireland that not only offer the best in modern grooms styling, but cracking customer service,

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10 Things Your Best Man Should Know About His Job

You’ve been given the honour of being a Best Man, you’re excited and maybe a little bit petrified! There’s nothing to worry about, be prepared and understand your tasks and you’ll be laughing! Today we have ten nuggets of info

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How to Choose The Best Best Man For The Job!

Here’s a question for the groom – before you had even proposed, did you know who your Best Man would be? If you’re nodding away we might a bit late, but if you’ve still to make your decision, don’t decide

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14 Dreamy Wedding Looks You Can Steal

Take a peek at what these real life newlyweds chose for their wedding looks, and feel free to steal them! 

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8 Relaxed Grooms Looks For Day Two

If the bride can have a second day look, so can the groom in our book! Likewise, if he fancies going for a relaxed wedding day look and it suits the vibe of the day, why not?  Today we’ve been

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Five WOL Grooms Who Married In Style

Has your groom got his dream wedding suit on standby?! We’ve been so inspired recently by our fabulous real life  grooms, that we simply had to share five who really got their wedding day style en pointe!  Colin & Christina

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10 Pairs of New Season Grooms Shoes

No matter how suave your wedding day suit is, if the shoes aren’t up to scratch, you’ve a problem!  Whilst it’s not compulsory for the entire Grooms Party to wear matching shoes, it does look smart and cohesive in photographs.

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