10 Great Opening Lines For The Groom & Best Man Speeches

The Groom
wedding speech

There’s nothing worse than trying to write your special speech but all you’re getting is a blank page and an empty mind! We definitely think it’s the opening lines that are the hardest, after that speak from the heart and you’ll be grand. But, those tricky opening words, should they be funny, sentimental or a mix of both?

Let us help you out today with ten great opening lines for both the Groom and Best Man. 

For the Groom’s Speech

1. Good afternoon guests, ladies and gentlemen. I had prepared a brilliant wedding speech for you all, but now I’m married I’ve been told to read this one instead. 

2. My husband/wife insists I never listen, or something like that…

3. I’ve been feeling a little nervous about giving my speech for some time, but I’m pleased to say I slept like a baby last night – I woke up crying every two hours. 

4. I’d like to thank my mother in law for passing on such wonderful traits to her daughter; her kindness and humour, though unfortunately an unwavering support for (insert team) has also moved down the genetic line.

5. I did ask for a microphone but was told there weren’t any available. So, if you can’t hear me at the back, the silence at the front should assure you that you’re not missing out on anything.

For the Best Man’s Speech

1. Ladies and Gentlemen I’m going to begin my speech with a little housekeeping. For the duration please keep your mobile phones on for scrolling purposes, should you find a funny line, do share… 

2. Evening all! I’m (insert name) and I’m here to tell you all about my wonderful friend (insert Grooms name) and how truly amazing, handsome and… sorry kid, I can’t read the rest of your handwriting here! 

3. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to begin my speech by congratulating the Groom on his great taste in Best Men! He’s really outdone himself this time. 

4. Evening folks. The happy couple have specifically asked that I don’t share any embarrassing stories about (insert Grooms name), so thanks for having me, thanks for listening and bottoms up! (Sit down). 

5. Good evening all. I’m just about to take over the next five minutes of the night, the only five minutes (insert name) didn’t plan. So buckle up and lets get this party started! 

(Image: Aidan Beatty Photography)