13 Sweet & Stylish Cake Stands

If you’ve chosen a simple and stylish wedding cake but fancy adding a pretty touch, look no further than a decorative cake stand. Perfect for your wedding day and for years to come -imagine using it for every celebration in … Read More »


Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes that Look Great too

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WOL Loves: Simple & Elegant Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake will be the centre piece of your reception and will be photographed a lot by your guests when you stand for the famous cut the cake photo! From multi-tiered and elaborate to a simple one tiered beauty, … Read More »


WOL Loves: Floral Summer Cakes

The sweetest part of wedding planning is choosing your wedding cake! Summer weddings will always be a big season for floral wedding cakes, and that’s exactly what we are sharing today. From elegantly iced creations tumbling with sugar crafted flowers, … Read More »

Nine Cake Toppers To Add A Unique Touch

What’s the perfect adornment to your cake that will add a unique touch? A cake topper of course!  Cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch to otherwise super simple cakes, and they work on beautifully decorated cakes too, so you … Read More »


WOL Loves: Fabulous Creative Wedding Cakes

Today we’re sharing the big treat at your wedding, wedding cakes. From tall to small, colourful to neutral, we have a fabulous selection of creative cakes that will make you excited to get cutting it.  We’re pretty proud of our … Read More »

Top Wedding Cakes Trends We Love in 2021

Every year I look forward to hearing about the year’s wedding cakes trends, particularly this year. Read More »

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Find the most beautiful wedding cakes in lots of different styles, colours and flavours.