Six Tips To Help Choose Your Wedding Cake

choosing wedding cake

Today we’re talking all things wedding cake, one of the best parts of wedding planning if you ask me! What could be better than having to taste different cake flavours and dream up a magical design?! 

Your wedding cake should complement your wedding day, usually including elements of the chosen colour palette and a little of your personality as a couple. Today we’ve got six great tips to help you decide on the perfect wedding cake for your day. 

1. Don’t decide on your final cake design until you’ve made the big wedding style decisions

Your day is made up of lots of different elements, all combined to tell your love story and share your personality. The cake you choose is one of those lemons and you want it to work with everything else on the day. We recommend having your venue, flowers and styling chosen before making any final decisions on your cake. 

2. Choose flavours you love

Your wedding is about your love and it’s perfectly ok to share your loves with your guests. The flavours you choose will evoke memories and create new ones, so give your guests that little bit different and not a standard flavour that they’ll likely have had lots of times before. From classics such as strawberry and vanilla to exotic flavours such as coconut and lime, have fun choosing. 

3. Make sure the cake size matches the venue space

Your cake will be a work of art and it deserves to look incredible in your venue space. If you’ve chosen a large pavilion or orangery, have a cake that’s going to make a statement! Your cake designer will advise you on sizing and be able to include dummy tiers if you want the size but don’t actually need the volume of cake. 

4. Set a budget 

The price of your cake will depend on a number of factors such as number of servings and design. So much skill, technique and time goes into creating these works of art and that will be reflected in the cost. Our best advice is to be honest with your cake designer, sharing your budget from the get-go. They will be able to advise on what will work best for your day. 

5. Consider the presentation 

You venue may have a dedicated ‘cake space,’ anything from an ornate antique table to gravity defying swings! Think about how it will be displayed on the day, and get your designer to lease with your florist and stylist to ensure the look comes together. 

6. Choose a cake designer that can create your dream wedding cake

We have an incredible selection of cake designers here. Take time to look through their previous work and you will soon find the perfect one for you. Their previous designs may inspire your own cake and you will be safe in the knowledge they can create the perfect cake for your perfect day. 

For more advice and guidance on choosing your wedding cake, have a listen to our podcast specifically on this subject! 

(Top image: Ta Dah Cake Design)