Six Posing Tips For Your Wedding Day

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One area of the wedding that many couples, and their wedding party, worry about is the photos. We’ve heard, ‘I hate having my photo taken, I’m very uncomfortable!’ so many times. Can we let you in on a secret? These couples always love their photos! 

Today we’re sharing six helpful tips to help both you and your wedding party feel more confident and comfortable having your photo taken. 

(Top image: Couple Photography)

1. Stand up straight

Good posture is always important, but even more so when you are in front of the camera. There’s a reason your Granny always told you to stand up straight! Keep your shoulders back and your back straight and you’re on your way to great images. 

2. Find your angle

Standing straight on to the lens isn’t a great look, you should always be at a very slight angle. Your weight should be on the leg at the back whilst the front is for balance. A slight bend in your arms and legs will give a softer appearance. 

3. Don’t forget to show off your love

The wedding photos are a celebration of your love so make sure you have some photos showing affection between you both.

4. Take guidance from the photographer 

Listen to the advice and pointers your photographer is giving you during the wedding day. Trust that they know exactly what angles work best! 

5. Give your hands a job

Having your hands hanging by your side can look flat and odd. Instead, give your hands a job such as playing with your veil or buttons, holding your bouquet or placing your hands in your pockets. It will give your overall body a more natural look and add interest to the image. 

6. Laugh and smile 

When you are really enjoying yourself it will show through your photos so laugh, smile and have fun! 

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