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Wedding Contracts 101: What You Need To Know

During your wedding planning journey you will get caught up in all the pretty details and the little extras – who can blame you, it’s a pretty special time of your life! However, it is so important to be aware of the legalities that come with booking your suppliers. Whilst we are not legally trained, and we would always advise you seek independent professional legal advice for anything you are unsure about, there are some key details in your wedding contract that we can help you with. Your contracts are there to not only protect you but also your wedding suppliers. 

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette + The One Thing You Should NEVER Do!

I bet you didn’t know that wedding invitation etiquette is a real thing. Who gets an invitation, should you put your parents’ names on the invitations, and of course, the one thing you should never do!

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Important Irish Dates For 2024

There’s a lot to consider when choosing your wedding date. Whether you are looking to get married on a bank holiday weekend or to avoid major sporting events, this list of Important Irish dates for 2024 will come in handy!

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Don’t Choose Your Date Before You Consider These Five Things…

The date – the first thing you will decide on, or at least shortlist, in your wedding planning journey. 
It’s a big decision and one you’ll be excited to choose amidst the engagement buzz. Before you jump head first into a date, here are five things to consider… 

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Rain On Your Wedding Day? No Problem! Do This!

Gasp! It looks like it’s going to rain on your wedding day! It can feel like all your plans are ruined and it’s the absolute end of the world, but trust us, it’s not. There’s so much you can do to plan around rain on your wedding day and still have the best day ever!

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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue – Our Nifty Checklist

If you are newly engaged, you’ve probably begun your hunt to find the perfect wedding venue. Part of this entails asking all the right questions. So we have created a detailed list of all the questions to ask your wedding venue before and during your venue visit.

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Longer Engagements Are Popular – Irish Wedding Survey Results Revealed

weddingsonline, the country’s most popular wedding website have just announced the findings of their latest Irish wedding survey. It was based on 1,023 participants and took place in January 2024.

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WOL Loves: Stationery Ideas For 2024

Wow, we have a huge treat in store for you today! If you’re on the lookout for the prettiest wedding stationery to share your happy news, we’ve got lots of gorgeous designs from local suppliers. From elegant and simple to bright and bold, you’re just about to fall in love with your wedding invitations!

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What To Do With Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day

Wondering what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day? Or, if you’re honest, has this not even crossed your mind until now? 

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How To Hold Your Wedding Bouquet When You Walk Down The Aisle

All the expert tips on how to hold your wedding bouquet – including specifics so your arms look great too!

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Giving A Wedding Speech? These Tips Are For You!

If you are giving a wedding speech anytime soon, the thought of getting up in front of hundreds of strangers may have you in a panic. Despite your nerves, it’s totally possible to write and deliver a memorable wedding speech, even if you’ve never done one before!

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Planning Your Wedding? Welcome to weddingsonline!

weddingsonline really is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to plan your Big Day. So, if you are newly engaged and planning your wedding, let’s show you around.

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Newly Engaged? Start Here!

If you are newly engaged, then this is for you! Congratulations on your very happy news and welcome to weddingsonline. We’re here to help you plan the perfect wedding by sharing expert tips, wedding planning how-tos and all the inspiration

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WOL Loves: 10 Useful Planners To Gift Your Newly Engaged Bestie

If your best girl has just announced her engagement it’s time to give her a little gift to kick start her wedding plans. And what could be better than a wedding planner book?! Whilst online wedding planning is *ahem* amazing, for some brides-to-be you can’t beat pen and paper, here are ten great planners to help her get started…

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How To Use Social Media To Plan Your Wedding

If we’re honest, we all love to scroll through social media. It can be hard not to go crazy when you’re planning your wedding and there are tons of ideas out there! Before you know it, after looking through social media, minutes turn to hours and you’ve pinned a ton of posts that are nothing like the wedding you’re actually planning. If that’s you, take a look at our guide on how to use social media to plan your wedding.

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Five Posts To Help You Elope In Ireland

We’re pretty proud of being able to help couples plan their dream wedding days, no matter where they are in the world. If the green fields of Ireland is calling you to elope we know these five posts will help you fulfil your elopement dreams…

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5 Brilliant Wedding Planning Blog Posts From 2023

Here at weddingsonline HQ, we love creating wedding planning blog posts to help you make important decision! Here are 5 popular posts from 2023 with all the expert tips:

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The Top 5 Wedding Podcast Episodes Of 2023

In June 2022, we launched the ‘Wedding Wednesdays with weddingsonline’ podcast. Every week, we release a brand new episode – Wednesdays at 3pm! Want to know which episodes were your favourites this year? Well, here are the top 5 wedding podcast episodes of 2023:

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12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways – Wedding Edition

From 11th – 22nd December, we are hosting 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Wedding Edition!

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Top Photography Tips For Winter Weddings

We’ve said it lots over the past few weeks, but winter weddings really are extra magical! One thing that will differ quite a bit from weddings held during spring and summer is the photography. With less light and more chance of rain, and even snow, we’ve got some great photography tips to ensure you get the best photos from your special day. 

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