Follow These Steps To Preserve The Top Tier Of Your Wedding Cake

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Traditionally, couples used to preserve the top tier of their wedding cake, because it was considered good luck! This sweet tradition can only be sweet if the top tier of the wedding cake is preserved well!


🍰 Step 1: Share your plans

The very first thing you need to do is tell somebody what you’re planning. As you head off on your honeymoon, the last thing you need to have on your mind is whether or not somebody has taken care of the top tier of your cake. You definitely do not want to be stressing and worrying that your cake has ended up in the bin.

So, tell your wedding planner, parent, or best friend AND your caterer that you plan to freeze the top tier of your cake. Your caterer will ensure that the top tier isn’t cut and your bestie will make sure it gets back to your home!


🍰 Step 2: Storing your cake on the day

Whoever takes on this role, should do so carefully. Instruct your bestie to carefully remove the top tier of the cake and any decorations which will make it harder to wrap up. If there is cardboard under your cake, remove that too, as the taste may seep into the cake. Ask your bestie to put your cake in the fridge for thirty minutes uncovered. This will harden the icing so it doesn’t stick to the wrapping.


🍰 Step 3: Wrap your cake

Now that the icing has hardened, it’s time to properly wrap the cake! Start off by covering the entire cake in plastic wrap and make sure the layer is tight. Start with multiple layers of plastic wrap and avoid foil for the first few layers so that you don’t get freezer burn on your cake. After you’ve covered your cake in a few layers of plastic wrap, cover it in two layers of foil. You can then store this bundle in an airtight container or bag. The more layers of wrapping and covering, the better! These layers will serve two purposes. They’ll keep your cake from getting freezer burn. And they will help prevent your cake from absorbing the smells and tastes of other food in the freezer.


🍰 Step 4: Pop your cake in the freezer

To make sure you don’t accidentally open your nicely wrapped cake in six months time, we recommend that you wrap this bundle in a ribbon or something so you know what it is. Better yet, why not use a ribbon or piece of wedding day decor? This is another opportunity to reminisce about your Big Day one year later.


How to thaw the cake

Begin defrosting your cake one day before you intend to eat it. You can do this in the fridge, with the foil and wrapping still on. After two to three hours of defrosting, remove the foil and wrapping and continue to defrost in the fridge.

For best results, allow your cake to stand on the kitchen counter at room temperature for a little while before you dive in.

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