Why Autumn and Tweed Suits Make the Perfect Match for Your Wedding

The Groom

Today, we’re joined by Kevin who has assisted couples for years as they choose their perfect wedding suits at Dorian Black. Take a look at he shares with you his own wedding journey thus far and why he’s decided to get married outside of the usual summer months (setting aside the costs!). After reading, maybe you will consider tying the knot in the magical seasons of autumn, adorned in a classic tweed suit.

A Seasonal Dilemma

My Fiancé and I were initially convinced, like many couples, that we wanted to get married during the summer months. That is of course until we saw our venue in Wexford (in the Autumn I might add).  The backdrop of golden leaves against the retreating warmth of the summer air caused was enough to drastically re-think our season of choice. Soon after our visit, we booked Horetown House in October for our big day. It didn’t take much convincing. Besides, if this summer is anything to go by, our wedding would have likely been a wet one!



Why I have opted for a Tweed Suit

While we were extremely impressed with the venue, there was very clearly a second motivation that caused this pivot. Choosing the suit for your Wedding Day is no easy endeavour. For years, I have been involved in dressing Grooms and Groomsmen in all styles of suit. Tuxedos at Christmas, Navy Wools and Risky Linens; all the way to tailcoats and top hats for castle venues. While these colours and styles have their own charm, for me, nothing quite compares the style, weight, fit and beauty of a traditional Irish Tweed suit. Let me explain:

Although I have been drawn to Tweed for as long as I can remember, I want a suit that reflects my personality; something I can be proud of. Perhaps you have had the experience that I have had, flicking through old photos of your parents wedding day. Dad could have fit an entire clown car in his pocket!  This is not to criticise Dad or the style of the day, but more illustrate the volatility of fashion over time.  This is why it is important to choose a suit that stands the test of time. When you opt for a Tweed suit, rest assured you are opting for something timelessly elegant. Investing in a Tweed suit isn’t just for your big day. You’ll have a versatile and timeless piece in your wardrobe that can be worn in full or as individual pieces, made to last a lifetime.

You Have Options

Personally, I have opted for a peat brown herringbone pattern in my suit although there is an abundance of different styles and colours available. Tweed in earthy tones like brown, green or rust effortlessly blend with the Autumn colour palette. Picture you and your Groomsmen in these rustic tweed outfits amidst the rich reds and oranges of falling leaves. You’ll get the kind of fabric that exudes a sense of history and tradition, qualities that I felt were essential for our Wedding!

Finally, if you find yourself convinced, I wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace and create a wedding experience that truly reflects who you are. Make an appointment with the Wedding Specialist at Dorian Black. There is a stunning and diverse range of ready to wear options and the Made to Measure service for those who want something a little bit more personalised!

Whatever season or suit you opt for I wish you a very pleasant and exciting experience on your journey to create your perfect wedding day.



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