How to Choose Grooms Wedding Attire

The Groom

We’ll admit, most wedding planning and inspiration is bride focused, who can blame us with all the stunning gowns available! 

It is however, just as much the groom’s day and today we hope to share tips on how to choose your wedding attire. The days of a simple black suit and tie are long gone, thankfully! These days grooms bring so much style and personality to the day, and it’s only right – it’s your day to shine too! 

Let’s have a look at how to choose your perfect wedding outfit… 


How formal does it need to be? 

First up, you need to narrow down how formal your wedding will be. If you’re throwing a black-tie event, a tux will be the obvious choice. If you’re going for a more casual day, a tux would be out of place. You should dress to suit the style of the day. Your suit consultant will be able to advise you on the options available – find a host of great retailers here. 

Consider wedding style & colours 

After the formality, the colours and style of the day will have a big influence on your choice. Just because the bridesmaids are in pink, doesn’t mean you need a pink tie, rich ivory works perfectly with a wide range of colours. 

Stay true to your style and comfort level 

You’ll be wearing your outfit for a full day so you really want to feel comfortable in your choice – in how it feels to wear and how comfortable you feel in it. Choose an option that works for both your style and suits the day – you don’t want to be counting down the hours until you can take it off! 

Add your own style

As well as the main suit colour, think about adding your own stylish twist by mixing and matching colours, texture and accents. Jackets with pattern such as check or in a tweed fabric are proving popular and allow you to stand out from the rest of the Grooms party. 



The accessories you choose will enhance your look. Consider adding pops of colour and fun to your look with unique choices. A floral pocket square, quirky cufflinks and personalised socks will add interest. And, please always consider your shoe choice very carefully, the wrong pair will knock out all your good work! 

Make sure it fits 

If you head to one of these great grooms retailers we have no doubt your suits will fit to perfection!

The personal touch 

Wear sentimental details such as your grandfathers watch or fathers wedding ring – these details will make you treasure your wedding day look even more, and you’ll be honouring those special people in your life. 

(Images: M and M Photography)