Have You Considered a Full Night Wedding DJ?


If you are deciding between an band and an all night DJ – both options are great! Here is some info from DJ Bryan McDonnell who specialises in weddings and has seen three reasons why more wedding couples are choosing to have a DJ all night.


Rise in popularity of intimate wedding venues

Many weddings that are smaller and more intimate affairs take place in venues such as country houses, restaurants and castles. These are very appealing to couples due to their uniqueness and richness in character. Some of these venues are more suited to a DJ playing for the full night due to tight spaces.


Smaller weddings

Smaller weddings with less than 100 people have become increasingly common. In Ireland, couples are incredibly lucky to have so many great live bands to choose from but depending on the budget a DJ may be considered.  DJs can put on a brilliant night of music and entertainment for the party that is sure to be a success. DJ Bryan McDonnell will always accommodate the music tastes of the older audience while also keeping the younger guests happy.


Alternative theme

Full-night DJs are extremely appealing to couples with alternative tastes in music. Bryan played a wedding recently where a bride specifically requested heavy metal to be played for the best part of the night, and another where a groom specifically asked me not to play any cheesy wedding hits as he listened to them far too many times having worked as a hotel manager in the past. In terms of music,  it’s your day,  so why not have it your own way and put your own stamp on it.  DJs are perfectly happy to accommodate these requests and to change it up from the usual norm.

In addition to all these reasons above, the standard of wedding DJs in Ireland and their professionalism is a testament to the amount of work and investment DJs now do in their lighting shows and set ups.

While full night wedding DJs do look to become increasingly popular, Bryan has no doubt that over the next few years he will continue to come on at 12 o clock at many weddings where the band has done an excellent job with the crowd and given him a lot to live up to. Bryan can happily and professionally DJ for both after band or all night! Whoever you book, make sure to check out reviews.

Bryan McDonnell is one of the most well reviewed DJs on weddingsonline. He would love to hear from you to see if he is available for your upcoming wedding.