What Type Of Wedding Venue Are You Looking For?

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Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to start planning your wedding and what better place to start than with your wedding venue!

It’s a pretty big decision, because there are several things you can do once you know when and where you are getting married. A great place to start when making this decision is to understand what type of wedding venue you are looking for!

Here in Ireland, we’ve got so many gorgeous wedding venues to choose from! You have so many options available to you, so I’ll walk you through the choices.


Choose your dining style

When you picture your wedding, what do you envision? Are your guests gathered around a banquet table eating an elegant meal or is the setting more relaxed and informal?

Dining style isn’t just about the food on the menu. It actually has an impact on the style of the whole day!


How big is your guest list?

The right venue choice is the one that can accommodate your guest list. Are you planning a grand celebration full of everyone you love or do you want to keep things smaller and more intimate?

Some venues are perfect for large gatherings and others are just right for a smaller event.


Select your location type

The backdrop and setting of your wedding is an important factor too! Do you want to be in the countryside with trees and mountains galore? How about a seaside wedding venue with the ocean breeze? Maybe the city centre is what you’re after!


Explore the options

Ireland boasts some really stunning wedding venues and it can feel overwhelming choosing the right one. Why not take a peek at our Wedding Venue Finder!

Choose your wedding venue type, tell us how many guests you’re inviting and what you can spend per head. We’ll generate a list of the options that tick all your boxes. Just pop in your contact details and your perfect venues will be in touch with more details. Voila!