10 Things to Remember to Do on Your Big Day

Planning & Advice

After months of planning, finally arriving at your wedding day is beyond exciting! It’s a fun-filled, action packed day that you will never forget so to help you get the most out of it, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 things to remember to do on your Big Day!

Main image credit: Tony Clancy


1. Follow your morning of plan

A wedding morning timeline will be a big help when the Big Day rolls round. It can be hectic with dresses, hair and make-up and bubbles and snaps to squeeze in so having a plan to hand will help keep things under control. Set aside an hour the week before to jot one down (include times for everyone’s beauty prep, dresses, what time to leave etc.) so you’re stress free and on time on the day itself – it’ll mean more time for those precious moments with family and toasts with your girls!

Top Tip: Now is the time to delegate! It’s a good idea to appoint someone such as a bridesmaid to take care of any questions or issues that pop up during the day.


2. Make some time for those closest to you

It’s such a big day for your family members too, particularly mums and dads so make sure to save some time for a first look, a quick chat and a hug, a special toast at some stage during the day or a dance with them – it will mean so much to them on this momentous occasion.


3. Eat & stay hydrated (we mean water!)

The nerves may be at you on the morning but it’s so important to try and have even something small for brekkie – it’s going to be a long but amazing day and you’ll need all your energy (plus you don’t want to be worrying about your tummy rumbling during the Prayers of the Faithful). It’s also a good idea to have some small snacks and some water in the car post ceremony (it might be a while before you see a canapé with pics etc) – it’s an emotional day and one glass of champers might throw you if you’ve an empty tummy so a few bits to eat throughout the day and plenty of water will save you getting too tipsy too fast.


4. Get snaps with people you want

If you’re keen to get some photos with some important family members or mates, make sure to either give your bridesmaid a heads up so she can round up the relevant people or send your a photographer a list of important pics of family and friends you’d like in advance so you don’t miss out.


5. Spend some time alone with your new spouse

It can be hard to get a minute with Aunt Mary grabbing you for a pic and Uncle Joe trying to get you a drink but over half of our real wedding couples always say try and nab a few minutes alone with your new hubby or wife, just the two of you. It’s one of their favourite parts of the day. Don’t use it to do a run through of what is or isn’t going well, simply take a few lovely minutes together to chat about how you’re feeling and toast this exciting new chapter!


6. Dance with your friends

While the day is about you and your OH, your friends will have been by your side through the highs and lows of planning so make sure to let loose on the dance floor and enjoy every second of this special day you’ve planned up a storm together! Get the DJ to pop on one the gang’s favourite songs and dance your heart out with your besties by your side!


7. Take it all in

At some stage during the reception, take a minute to step back and look around the room. All those people, yep, they’re there for you guys! It’s not often you get all your family and closest friends together in one room so it’s a pretty special occasion. Make sure to take a minute to just look around and savour this special time with all your favourite people.


8. Enjoy the details you’ve planned

After months of planning, it’s all come together so make sure to try and enjoy and experience all those details! Whether it’s sampling your signature cocktail you put together (or getting someone to nab one for you if you think you’ll be too busy to grab one) or savouring your delicious canapés you’ve been dreaming about since the tasting. Or if you were excited about hiring a photo booth, make sure to grab a prop and stop by with your OH or pals – you’ll be raging afterwards if you’ve got a guest book full of brilliant pics and you don’t have any of yourself complete with wedding gúna and oversized glasses…

Top Tip: Appoint someone to save you a slice of your wedding cake (wedding coordinator or MOH) so you can enjoy it with a cuppa the next day!


9. Let things go

Almost every single real wedding couple say it – the day absolutely flies by! Before you know it, you’re cutting the cake and gearing up for your first dance which is why it’s so important to drink in every gorgeous minute. Don’t let a second get away worrying about the centrepieces or someone not having a good time. You’ve planned your heart out and even if a few things go awry, you’re more than likely the only one who’ll notice anyway! Which leads us nicely to…


10. Be happy

After months, possibly years of planning – it’s here – YOUR wedding day! Take a minute to let it sink in and give yourself a pat on the back for this incredible celebration you’ve pulled off. Don’t let anything come between you and those happy feelings and the reason behind this special day – you and your partner’s love story!