10 Things: Top 10 Tips on How to Prepare the Perfect Hen Night Party

Hen Party

Want to plan the perfect hen party for your bezzie mate? Our hen party expert Jenni Woolfson of Posh Fizz Hen Party Planning shares her top 10 quick tips on how to plan a hen night that’s unforgettable, for all the right reasons!

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#1: Prepare early

It is important to plan the day, night or weekend well in advance. This will ensure that all of your guests are available and will give you enough time to create an unforgettable hen!

#2 Talk to your Bride

Many brides enjoy taking part in the hen preparations so chat to your bride to confirm which parts (if any) she wants to look after herself. It’s nice to have a couple of surprises too! Other brides love to leave the entire weekend to the bridesmaids. If there is anything she would hate, for example being dressed up as Superwoman and paraded from pub to pub in a tiara, respect her wishes!

#3 Compose the guest list

Hen etiquette regarding who to invite is a grey area. Should the future mother-in-law be invited? Should the bride ask her childhood friends? It’s her party, so she should feel free to ask everyone she knows or just a small number of close friends. Many brides opt for two separate celebrations – one for family and one for friends, to ensure that everyone is catered for.

#4 Choose a date and stick to it

Once you have a list of everyone the Bride wants to invite, hi-light the most important guests. Discuss the date with the VIPs to ensure that they are all free. Once you choose your date, try to stick to it! Unfortunately, it is inevitable that one or two people will not be able to make it.

#5 Determine the budget

Remember to include transport, accommodation, meals and day-time activities as well as night-time fun and frolics. The average outlay for a hen weekend in Ireland is €180 per person for two nights accommodation, one day-time activity, one evening meal with drinks and a nightclub.

#6 Source good quality accommodation

Depending on numbers and the time of year, it can be difficult to find good value accommodation. The self-catering option is really popular with hens, as you have space to play hen games before a night on the town. Also, you are not constrained to early bird breakfasts!

#7 Plan unique day-time activities

Come up with something other than a pub crawl for the afternoon. Think of the all the great things girls love to do. Singing, dancing and being pampered are all good places to start!

#8 Source a restaurant with a difference

Dare to be different and try a new cuisine, to really tantalize your taste buds. Tell the restaurant that you are booking for a hen party, as many will offer you a secluded area. Ask for a set menu with a glass or two of wine each, to make payment easier.

#9 An alternative night out

If you hate the thought of a nightclub, comedy clubs provide endless laughs. Look out for improv nights, which are similar to the television show, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” for a truly interactive experience.

#10 Have a girlie night in

Many hens choose a “girls’ night in”, rather than a night out. Pyjama parties with loads of chick flicks and Champagne are great fun. To add a sense of individuality, maybe hire a personal stylist to discuss colour and style with you all!

Edited by Karen Birney | Main photo still from Bridesmaids