30 Brilliant Unique Wedding Boutonnieres, Buttonholes

The Groom

Maybe you lost the war for an overriding Star Trek or X Men wedding theme, but there are still some (albeit minor) battles to be won on the unique wedding boutonnière front. Boutonnière? We hear you dismissively quip. I’m not wearing boots with my suit?! A boutonnière, for those not yet immersed in the world of weddings (or suit wearing in general), is just a fancy French word for a buttonhole – simply, a flower worn on the lapel of your jacket. Except they’re not just flowers any more, oh no, the humble boutonnière has quantum leapt to become an emblem of the personality of the wearer, and more and more quirky and unique wedding boutonnières are being spotted on some super stylish grooms and groomsmen.

Of course you could go for the classic floral boutonnière/handkerchief combo and tie yourself up in a mundane exercise of choosing from various interchangeable buds – but why not add a bit of levity to proceedings?! We’re loving that guys are getting a little more creative with their wedding gear and giving the ladies a run for their money when it comes to ‘something different’ on the day. And that’s one of the best thing about weddings these days – pretty much anything goes and when it comes to boutonnières we’re seeing everything from super hero action figures and Lego Batmans (Batmen?!) for the ‘geeks’ to bottle caps for craft beer lovers.

Quirky Wedding Boutonnières – How to:

The road to a fun buttonhole is not exactly a rough one. You can play fast and loose with the concept by essentially taking a four-inch representation of your other unique love in life, glue it to a pin in a vaguely symmetrical fashion and away you go. There are a couple of DIY projects on the links below so you shouldn’t  manage to muck it up too much, plus your Best Man will be delighted with you for setting up an easy ice-breaker in his speech!

Below are 30 of our personal faves for adding a bit of colour but the list is endless, all dedicated to your own subculture. We truly have something for everyone here, from the golfers, geeks, guitarists and beer guzzlers to the fanboys, fishermen and photographers. Excelsior!

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Lego Star Wars Yoda Buttonhole

via Ruffled | Buy Lego Yoda from Etsy.com £36.61


Space Travel Astronaut Buttonhole

Boutonnière by I Do Novelty via Off Beat Bride

{I Do Novelty is currently on hiatus, for another space-themed wedding boutonnière we’re liking the idea of this Star Trek Combadge for Trekkie grooms and groomsmen!}


Rustic Autumn Acorn & Berry Buttonhole


Bronze Bicycle Buttonhole

Photo by Gavin Casey Photography | Bicycle pendants available for DIY on Etsy.com


Chef’s Cinnamon Sticks Buttonhole

Buttonhole by Akiko Florals | Photo by Caen Photography


Beer Drinker’s Wheat, Craspedia & Bottle Top Buttonhole

via The Wedding Chicks

{A gorgeous rustic style ideal for a man with a flair – or taste – for craft beer}


Simple DIY Craspedia Buttonhole

Photo by Hazel Nut Photography | Flowers by Gilly Flowers


Pixar’s ‘Up’ Inspired Grape Soda Badge Buttonhole

Photo via theknot.com | Buy Grape Soda Pin on Etsy.com, €4.82


Photographer’s Camera Lens Buttonhole

Photo by This Modern Romance via Sweet Violet Bride


Easter Egg Nest Buttonhole

Bird’s Nest Boutonnière, €8.97, Etsy.com


Feather Mix Buttonhole

Pomp & Plumage on Etsy.com


Fly Fish Hook Buttonhole

Photo by Bonnallie Brodeur via youmeantheworldtome


Whimsical Fisherman’s Buttonhole

By Modern Day Floral


Golfer’s Tee Tied Buttonhole

Photo by JPP Studios via The Knot

{Perfect for the McIlroy’s out there. This one has to be the easiest DIY ever, also.}


Lego Batman Buttonhole

Photo by Studio 22 Photography | Batman figurines at LEGO.com


Pretty DIY Paper Flag Buttonholes

Photo Megan Clouse Photography via 100 Layer Cake


Musician’s Paper Rose Buttonhole

Photo by Sarah Kathleen via Ruffled | Boutonnière: DIY


Guitar Pick / Plec Buttonhole

By SurroundingsOnline

Nerdy Wedding Ideas Boutonniere Lego Groom

Groomsmen’s Lego Figurine Buttonhole Collection

Photo by The Nicersons | Figurines from LEGO


Geek Chic Comic Book Pinwheel Boutonniere

Photo by Skys The Limit | Boutonnière: DIY


Apple Fan Macbook Buttonhole

By Frits Rosenow


Vintage Pocket Watch Buttonhole

Photo by Katherine Newman via The Pretty Blog


Bookworm’s Burlap & Parchment Paper Buttonhole

Boutonnière, €17.38 by The Sunny Bee on Etsy.com


Sailor’s Nautical Knot Wedding Buttonhole

DIY project from Something Turquoise


Gamer’s Scrabble Piece Wedding Buttonhole

By Jenny Rose Flowers via Dotty Vintage Weddings


Steampunk Style Wedding Boutonnière

via Off Beat Bride


Stag’s Head Pin Boutonnière

Photo by Adene Photography


Captain America Action Hero Wedding Buttonhole

Available from Frits Rosenow


Wall-E Figurine Boutonnière 

Photo by AXIOO


Photo Locket Trinket Buttonhole

Photo by Britt Croft Photography