5 Things You Should Consider for your Winter Wedding

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5 Things You Should Consider for your Winter Wedding

The spring and summer months are still the most popular time of year for weddings, but winter is now proving just as desirable – they are magical after all!  

Today we’re sharing five planning tips to consider if you’re planning a winter wedding to ensure it is everything you dreamt it would be…

1. Find the perfect venue 

There are lots of things to consider when you’re searching for your perfect venue, and this is even more true during the winter months. Deciding on the perfect venue will make your day more comfortable and as stress free as possible, for both you and your guests. When doing your research consider if you want the ceremony and reception in the same place, this will certainly help if travel conditions aren’t that favourable. Does the venue complement your winter theme? Is it cosy and warm, and do they have ample areas for photos both inside and out. 

2. Carefully create your wedding day timeline

With a limited number of daylight hours during the winter, planning your timeline carefully is very important. Can you push the ceremony 30 minutes earlier to give you a little more daylight for travel and photos? A simple internet search will advise what time sunset is at on your date. 

3. Discover all indoor and outdoor photo locations 

As well as finding the time for your photos, knowing the locations available to you before the day is a great idea. Chat to your photographer, they may have been at the venue before and know all the right spots. Whilst outdoor photos are great, don’t dismiss indoor shots just incase it’s rainy or especially cold! 

4. Ensure you and your wedding party are prepared for the weather 

When you start to think about your wedding outfits, practicality and comfort won’t be top of your list to fulfil, which is totally natural. You don’t however, want want your wedding party to be freezing the whole day long so be sure you consider making their outfits winter appropriate. 

5. Choose a warming winter feast 

Don’t forget that during winter your guests will be ready for a warming and comforting meal, so serve them exactly that! If you’ve chosen a date around Christmas, a Christmas Day dinner with all the trimmings will always prove a winner! 

(Image: John Channing Photography)