8 Things To Consider When Visiting A Bridal Boutique

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For most brides one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is shopping for their wedding dress. There’s a pretty good chance you have spent weeks, months, maybe even years looking at amazing dresses and imagining what you will choose. You might even have a good idea of what style of dress you want, and have a budget in mind. Even if you don’t have a specific dress in mind, trying on a range of dresses is a good idea as it will give you a great chance of working out your style and what works best on your frame so you’ll feel fabulous on your wedding day. 

To make sure you get the most out of your wedding dress shopping, we’ve got eight useful tips to help you find your perfect dress… 

1. Always begin with lots of research

You’ve spent hours on Pinterest searching for your perfect wedding dress, but where to visit? Your first place to visit should be our Bridal Boutique section! Check out each suppliers website to get an idea of what brands they stock, especially if you have a particular bridal designer in mind.

2. Enquire about service charges with the boutiques you have chosen to visit 

Some, but not all, bridal boutiques charge for their bridal appointments so make sure to check ahead and be prepared to pay a small fee.

3. Don’t take a huge entourage

Whilst the idea of having lots of people offering their advice might seem like a good idea, believe us, it’s not! Take one or two of your closest, most trusted friends of family members and leave it at that.

4. Do wear well fitting underwear

It’s so important to feel confident when trying on potential wedding dresses so good underwear is a must.  Nude in colour is always a good idea, whilst a multi-way bra will give you the options to try on different neckline styles.

5. Don’t wear tan 

Whilst you might feel you need tan to look your best, save it for your wedding day! Leaving behind tan streaked sample dresses isn’t fair and can easily be avoided.

6. Do take any accessories with you

If you’ve chosen your shoes or headpiece, bring these along!

7. Do bring an open mind with you 

Listen to the advice and guidance from your consultant, let them offer you some alternative ideas and give them a go. With wedding dresses you really don’t know until you are wearing it.

8. Do share your budget with your consultant

Falling in love with a gown that is twice your budget is not the consultants priority! They are on hand to help you find a dress within a budget you are comfortable with. They won’t know how much you are happy to spend until you tell them.

9. *Bonus* tip – Do enjoy and try not to feel overwhelmed – your dream dress is out there!